• How did Cupid, the God of Love, use the diamond?
  • Why opt for a heart-shaped diamond?
  • Where can you find a heart-shaped diamond?

Diamonds are rare and are sometimes also referred to as the ‘King of Gems’. The diamond used to often also be associated with power. But, as result of their indestructability, also with love. Would you like to surprise her with a unique diamond engagement ring? Then opt for the unique heart-shaped diamond.  

How did Cupid, the God of Love, use the diamond?

There are a variety of different stories about the naked Roman boy with wings, Cupid or Amor. One thing which is generally well-known about him is that he used his well-aimed arrows to make people (and even Gods) fall in love. But did you know that Cupid had two different types of arrows? The gold with diamond arrowhead to make people fall in love and an arrow with a blunt head to make people hate each other.

The link with the traditional diamond engagement ring is quickly established, as the diamond arrowhead made people fall in love.

Why opt for a heart-shaped diamond?

Would you like to get engaged as soon as possible? Then don’t wait for a visit from Cupid, but win her heart with a ring from the extensive collection of diamond engagement rings. Looking for the ultimate symbol of love? Then opt for a diamond engagement ring with a heart-shaped diamond. The heart-shaped diamond is actually a pear shape with a notch at the top.

Your future wife can choose whether to wear her diamond engagement ring with the heart point in the direction of the fingernail or the wrist. But if you tell her the story of Cupid, she will undoubtedly want to wear it with the point in the direction of her heart.

Where can you find a heart-shaped diamond?

When you start your search for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you will notice that the heart shape is not listed as standard. The most common cuts are the round, the princess, the oval and the pear. But, as explained above, the pear shape is the basis for the heart shape. So opting for the heart shape is therefore ultimately original!

This romantic cut will require a diamond cutter’s expertise and experience. Therefore make sure you always rely on the expertise and experience of BAUNAT’s craftsmen. Contact our experts for more information or a tailor-made diamond.

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