2018 seems to have been the year of records in terms of diamond prices and creative ways to use diamonds. From rare diamonds that are sold at auction to stunning diamonds that are being purchased by very wealthy people for their private collections. But the most unexpected records that have been set this year involving diamonds are undoubtedly the world’s most expensive wedding cake and the most expensive shoes.

  • The life-sized bride wedding cake
  • The Passion Diamond Shoes

The life-sized bride wedding cake

£700.000 is the price tag of the record-breaking wedding cake that was created by a renowned British celebrity cake designer named Debbie Wingham earlier this year. The cake was prepared for a wedding show that took place in Dubai.

This cake is truly one of a kind as it represents a 6ft life-sized bride, wearing a white dress. It took about 10 days to make the whole chocolate cake, using over 1000 eggs, 25kgs of chocolate as well as 50kgs of fondant shaped into lace.

The incredible particularity of this wedding cake, and that makes it so expensive is that it features 5 breath-taking flawless 3 carat white diamonds, over 1000 pearls and 5000 hand-cut flowers.

One would think that diamond prices today, for such fabulous 3 carat diamonds, would refrain creativity in a way. But it is clear that nothing hindered the creativity of talented Debbie Bingham for designing and shaping such a unique and special wedding cake.

The Passion Diamond Shoes

Another record that was set this year involves luxury footwear and diamonds. It is the record of most expensive shoes in the world and it is held by the “ Passion Diamond Shoes” with a price tag of $17,000,000. This incredible pair of high heeled ladies’ shoes was created by Jada Dubai, a UAE-based brand, in collaboration with Passion Jewellers. They were launched at the Burj Al Arab, the only 7-star hotel on the planet, at the end of September.

The shoes took 9 months to design and manufacture and are actually made of gold and hundreds of diamonds. The stars of the shoes are two remarkable 15 carat D-Flawless diamonds, that have been set individually on each shoe.

They are truly breath-taking and reflect again how creativity cannot be slowed down by diamond prices or even gold prices.

These two record-breaking objects have become works of art, let’s hope that there will more to come.

Diamond prices have been shifting over the past months and years, due to various factors such as supply and demand ratios, but their desirability has never changed. Diamonds remain today the ultimate symbol of love and wealth in most cultures around the world.

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