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Can I buy loose diamonds in Antwerp from BAUNAT?

  • Why is Antwerp the best place to buy loose diamonds?
  • Why should I invest in loose diamonds?
  • How can I easily buy and sell diamonds?

  • Would you like to make a smart investment? Then visit our Antwerp BAUNAT showroom for the purchase of loose diamonds, not just for top quality diamond jewellery. Why should I choose BAUNAT for my loose diamonds? How can I easily buy these?

    Why is BAUNAT the best place to buy loose diamonds in Antwerp?

    Investing in efficiency and avoiding unnecessary intermediaries allows us at BAUNAT to offer you an unsurpassed price-quality ratio. When you compare our prices to other large brands, you will instantly see we offer the best prices for a certified diamond of a specific colour, clarity and cut.

    Why should I invest in loose diamonds?

    Investing in diamonds means opting for a stable investment in raw materials. Loose diamonds will give you additional control over your investment. You choose the quantity and the size of your diamonds and you can always sell them on, to private individuals, jewellers and professional specialists.

    Diamonds have an intrinsic value and are therefore relatively crisis-proof. Even if they do decrease in value, it will usually decrease the least of all raw materials. Plus you always have the option of waiting to sell them on again until their value has gone back up.

    How can I easily buy and sell diamonds?

    These days you can buy your diamonds online, which means you can buy them where and when you want. However, do make sure you use one of our certified diamond experts when you decide to sell. They will organise all the relevant paperwork, using the certificates issued by international diamond institutions such as GIA and IGI. When you are ready to sell again, you can count on the expertise of our employees for a reliable price estimate.

    Would you like to come and see our loose diamonds in Antwerp? Make an appointment and come along to our specialised BAUNAT showroom. Would you like some advice regarding the sale of your diamonds? Then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our diamond experts.

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