• What are the most popular diamond necklace designs?
  • What makes buying online a great experience nowadays?

What are the most popular diamond necklace designs?

There are 2 necklace designs that seem to be the most popular nowadays, the timeless solitaire pendant suited for everyday wear and the more intricate necklace for special occasions.

The solitaire pendant is a diamond must-have in any jewellery box. It is a subtle and elegant design that consists of a diamond set in gold, that floats on a chain.

The diamond solitaire pendant is so versatile that it is perfect for day-to-day wear or for those very special occasions such as a wedding. Whether you choose a smaller, more discreet size such as a 0,30 carat or a larger 0,50 to 1 carat diamond, the result will always be stunning.

The second popular design is the more intricate diamond necklace. Being more design-heavy does not mean that it is larger in size, but it is beautifully worked design that usually represents something.

The designs can range from cute, floral or bow designs to rivers of diamonds floating around your neckline. The possibilities are endless and designer diamond necklaces are simply perfect for those very special moments in your life.

What makes buying online a great experience nowadays?

Have you ever thought though of buying a diamond necklace online? Whether you are considering buying the elegant solitaire pendant or a necklace with just that little bit extra, buying either of these online can be a wonderful experience.

Here are few of the main reasons why you should consider buying your jewellery online:

  • From home: you can purchase anything you want from the comfort of your home, without going anywhere. This can be considered luxury.
  • Choice: having it all at a click of a mouse and browsing through all the pages in an online boutique is easy and the choice is endless thanks to the fact that there are no stock limitations.
  • Service: you may think that there is no service if you purchase online, but that is not true, most companies offers a direct chat line, a phone number or email address that you can contact directly.
  • Security: today it is more secure than ever to purchase online and to use your credit card. This is thanks to very efficient payment systems that have proven their worth over the years.
  • Shipping: more efficient and faster courier companies ensure you receive your goods within days, at a low cost.

You are looking to buy a diamond necklace online but are unsure about where to buy it? BAUNAT is your perfect choice. We offer a wide range of beautiful pieces of diamond jewellery, that are designed and hand made in Antwerp and shipped with insurance to an address of your choice within a few days.

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