If you’re planning to buy a diamond jewel and you prefer a specific diamond shape, this often says something about your personality. Every shape has a unique look and fits a certain type of woman. But what does a diamond shape exactly say about you as a person? 


Men who buy a diamond engagement ring for their girlfriend, often choose a solitaire diamond with a brilliant cut, out of tradition, but also to play safe. It’s still the most popular diamond shape. The brilliant shines tremendously. Women with a brilliant ring have a timeless, classic and traditional style.

Princess cut

This diamond shape is often picked to be implemented in an engagement ring. Women who love a princess cut, are traditional, but love a modern twist. Are you fashionable and spontaneous? This shape completely matches your style. 


The emerald diamond has a rectangular shape where both the pavilion and the shapes are rounded off. This diamond fits women who describe themselves as glamourous and provocative.


The heart shaped diamond is a true eye-catcher. If you want to buy a diamond jewel that symbolizes your love, pick this shape. If you’re a sentimental, sensible and romantic woman, this heart shaped diamond is certainly something for you.


The asscher cut looks like an emerald diamond, the only difference is that the asscher diamond is square shaped, whereas  the emerald is rectangular. This shape used to be very popular in the twenties. If you like an asscher cut diamond, you radiate pure elegance.


The cushion cut brilliant has a square shape with corners that are rounded off. A century ago, this was one of the most popular diamond shapes. If you go for a cushion shaped diamond, you are fashionable, but also romantic.    


A radiant cut diamond is square or rectangular shaped with rounded off corners. It combines the strained lines of an emerald with the nice shining of a brilliant. It’s ideal for cheerful and confident women.


Oval diamonds have a nice shining. This shape fits women with small hands and short fingers well. Women who like this shape are creative and innovative. 


A marquise cut diamond is long and narrow, and therefore looks very elegant. This shape too makes your fingers look longer.  


The pear cut diamond is a combination of the round diamond and the marquise cut diamond with a pointy bottom, and looks like a rain drop. The pointy side is meant to point at the fingertips. It’s the perfect diamond shape for spontaneous and adventurous women.

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