• Why buy diamonds in spring?
  • Which diamond jewellery will suit my outfit?
  • Which jewellery should form an essential part of my jewellery box?

Finally it’s spring! Time to give both your wardrobe and yourself a fresh makeover. Put those woolly jumpers and roll necks at the back of your cupboard and make room for some fun dresses and ‘shine bright like a diamond’! Talking about diamonds: there’s no better time to buy, try on and combine diamond jewellery than spring!

Why buy diamonds in spring?

Isn’t the effect light has on diamonds fascinating? A diamond will look completely different underneath a light compared to the bright sunshine. When you want to buy a piece of jewellery with diamonds, it’s therefore important to look at your piece of jewellery under various different types of light.

Make the most of that beautiful spring sunshine and buy diamonds which will allow you to shine to the same extent. Plus you can use the diamonds to turn even the most austere look into a stylish outfit.

Which diamond jewellery suits my outfit?

Have you ever tried combining diamond jewellery with jeans and a simple blouse or top? You will instantly be raising your casual look up to a higher level. You won’t just look radiant, but also very confident. Buying diamonds will make sure you feel like a woman! You won’t just be emphasising your style, but also your personality. 

Of course one particular type of necklace will be better suited to a certain type of neck, or that nice pair of diamond earrings will look better with a certain hairdo, but you really can’t go wrong. You can experiment and combine to your heart’s content!

Which jewellery should form an essential part of my jewellery box?

Would you like a handy basic set? We will discuss and describe the 4 must have diamond jewellery items for every woman in this 1.47 minute video. Couldn’t be easier, right? And as the video will show you, you can even buy diamond jewellery which is suitable for wearing to the office. So you won’t need to wait for a special occasion to look positively radiant.

Would you like to be guided in your choice when buying diamond jewellery which perfectly suits you? BAUNAT’s experts are ready to be of assistance! You can contact them via email, phone or chat for more advice or allow yourself to be inspired by our extensive online collection.

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