• Where did the oval cut first originate?
  • What is the oval diamond’s character?
  • Why would I opt for an oval cut?

The most popular type of diamond is undoubtedly the round one. The round brilliant in particular has been fiercely desired worldwide and throughout history, as a result of its striking brilliance. But this is not the only striking cut within the round cuts. The lesser known and less common oval diamond is different from the traditional shape. Why would I opt for the unusual oval diamond?

Where did the oval cut originate?

Buying an oval diamond is opting for a relatively young cut. Diamonds were already cast in an oval shape hundreds of years ago, but the ideal shape we know and love today wasn’t developed until 1957, by a Russian diamond trader. Lazare Kaplan was already known as a competent diamond splitter before he developed the oval cut. He would turn diamonds, which were deemed unusable by other jewellers, into the most extraordinary stones of his time. But it was his new diamond cut which eventually really put him on the map.

Some of the most famous and exclusive engagement rings in the world boast Kaplan’s design. Katie Holmes and Heidi Klum are just two examples of ladies who wear an oval diamond.

What is the oval diamond’s character?

The ideal ratio between the length and width of the oval diamond is 1.35 by 1.50. However, you can also buy a diamond with adjusted ratios in order to strengthen the character. A longer length will make the diamond sharp and pronounced. It’s the ideal statement, with a classy but hard appearance. Shortening the ideal length will result in an oval cut taking on a softer and sweeter nature. This takes it closer to the traditional round cut, whilst still retaining the individual character of the oval.

Buying an oval diamond means opting for an extraordinary look, whichever ratios you decide to go for. The cut is always unique and personal, but will continue to feel timeless.

Why would I opt for an oval cut?

Going for the oval cut means you are choosing to buy a different kind of diamond. There is less demand for the oval cut compared to the immensely popular round stone, which means it’s cheaper too. In addition, the oval stone appears bigger than the other cuts, with the same number of carats. That’s why it’s perfect as an engagement ring. The oval diamond is also an incredibly versatile stone. You don’t just have the option of adjusting the ratios between the length and width in line with your personal preferences, but the stone has also been set in rings horizontally in recent years. This has given the different cut additional exclusivity.

Where can I buy a striking oval diamond? How can I be sure this is the right cut for my engagement ring? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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