• What should I definitely do when choosing between diamond wedding sets?
  • From which types of jewellery should I steer clear?
  • Which factors can help me choose one set over the other?

Choosing the perfect diamond wedding set can be a bit of a challenge for the versatile bride. Many people have more than one taste, depending on their mood and the occasion. How can I pick the perfect jewellery from several diamond wedding sets? What do’s and don’ts should I take into account?

What should I definitely do when choosing between diamond wedding sets?

When choosing your perfect diamond bridal jewellery, let your personal preference prevail and never fear mixing something old with something new. Diamond jewellery never goes out of style, and heirlooms or symbolically meaningful diamond jewellery from years ago will still brilliantly complement your new set. The same goes for mixing finishes and coloured gems. Most brides choose monochrome jewellery for a timeless look, but the most important part is that you can express your personal style. Not sure which way to go? Then opt for a classic set during the ceremony and reception, and break out the statement pieces for the evening festivities.

Above all else, take care to give yourself enough time to choose the perfect jewellery. Although jewellery is easily put into the same category as other accessories, they are by far the most important detail to your wedding attire.

From which types of jewellery should I steer clear?

Make sure to never look for jewellery on a budget. Low-quality jewellery will diminish your entire look and will be far more difficult to wear afterwards since they will not last long. Invest in diamond jewellery to make sure you choose quality, durability, and to maybe even introduce a new heirloom to the family. Another pitfall to avoid, is wearing a stylish watch. Although watches can be very elegant and timeless, they make for poor wedding attire details since they often tend to be bulkier than fine diamond jewellery. Moreover, you do not want to spend the best day of your life keeping an eye on the time: others will do that for you.

Finally, do not get lost in personalisation. Although your personal tastes are a must to take into account when choosing between different diamond wedding sets, all of your jewellery pieces should complement each other, even when you decide you do not want to match.

Which factors can help me choose one set over the other?

Make sure to decide how many diamond wedding sets you would like beforehand. Do you prefer classic diamond pieces throughout the whole day or would you also like a statement set for later in the evening? Will you wear a headpiece or no? A birdcage veil or fascinator is an elegant choice, but you need to make sure it matches your earrings. Smaller and subtler diamond earrings or studs complement the headpiece instead of outshining it. Lastly, you will have to wear your wedding jewellery for hours on end, so comfort is key. Do you never wear bracelets? Then do not get tempted to buy one now because you like the look and feel of that diamond tennis bracelet. Choose a diamond piece you will love to wear the day of and forever after instead.

Where can I find the perfect diamond wedding sets from which to choose? Who can help me decide on which one to pick? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect finish to your wedding attire.

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