Engagements and weddings bring a lot of love and joy to couples who decide to take that step, and that applies also to couples who are doing it for the second time in their lives.

But there is one thing to consider, its etiquette, and understanding whether there are any written or unwritten rules one should keep in mind when getting engaged for the second time.

  • What do you do with the rings from your previous engagement?
  • Do you choose the rings together or separately?

What do you do with the rings from your previous engagement?

It is believed that social perception may seem quite traditional and a little conservative when it comes to engagements and weddings that are being celebrated for the second time. For instance, although it is not written anywhere, it may be considered a little disrespectful to a new partner if their fiancé was to continue wearing the engagement ring that was given by the previous partner.

Because it’s time to let go of the past and move on into the future, so it would not really be considered correct to wear the rings for a previous engagement or marriage.

There are different options possible. If you have children from the first relationship, you can give them the pieces of jewellery, or you could have the gold of the ring melted and designed into something else that would be more relevant to you in the present for example.

Do you choose the rings together or separately?

Another point that may vary quite a bit in 2nd engagements, is that it seems that more couples decide together to get married and often choose their engagement rings together also. Obviously, there is always this desire for romance and surprise so this cannot be generalised.

But there seems to be a more mature and thought through approach to second engagements as it is really the second time a person decided to take that extra step in a relationship.

Some couples choose a more discreet and understated engagement ring since they don’t attach that much importance to its symbolism. Others on the other hand, love the idea just as if it was the first time and wish to have a stunning statement engagement ring on their finger.

Tastes change over the years, so whether you are surprising your fiancé with a ring or choosing it together, it is important that you take into account your partner’s tastes today. It is not because she received a diamond solitaire the first time, that she may want to be as conservative the second time.

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