• Why opt for coloured gemstones?
  • Which shapes are trendy this year?
  • What can you buy for him?

Nature takes on more colour again in the spring. And this is no different where your jewellery box is concerned. When we take a closer look at the trends for 2018, colour is actually the first thing we notice. Would you like to know what diamond jewellery to buy in 2018? Discover the latest trends here.

Why opt for coloured gemstones?

In addition to the fact it’s a real trend, the beauty of coloured gemstones is undeniable. The blue sapphire has been much loved in royal circles for centuries (just think about the British crown jewels) and world stars show off their engagement rings, where a green emerald or a red ruby will certainly draw in all the attention.

Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring, one of the 5 most iconic engagement rings ever, is also a nice example of this. Would you like to buy diamond jewellery? Know your colours!

Which shapes are trendy this year?

You will naturally not just be looking at the colour of the gemstones when you want to buy diamond jewellery. The jewellery’s shape is certainly important too. And we have definitely spotted some extraordinary shapes with the latest trends. Go for dimensional patterns and several layers. Your jewellery can certainly have a little body and be eye-catching!

Could you possibly go for something even more extravagant? Then try wearing a combination of different precious metals? You can combine yellow gold, white gold and red gold to your heart’s content. Why choose when you can wear everything together? More is more!

What can you buy for him?

Buying diamond jewellery is no longer purely a feminine affair anymore. We have therefore noticed that an increasing number of women are now buying a diamond ring for him too. Jewellers very much enjoy responding to this trend by offering more masculine models. This includes rings, as well as bracelets, chains and earrings.

Would you like to buy diamond jewellery for yourself or for him? Would you like to make your jewellery box completely 2018-proof? Then allow yourself to be inspired by BAUNAT’s extensive online collection or contact our experts for more advice.

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