The vintage hype started some fashion seasons ago and of course the wedding scene couldn’t pass up. Nowadays, the past is one of the biggest inspirations for wedding parties. A lot of women hope their man will surprise them with a beautiful vintage diamond engagement ring. They give you an instant classic look. Maybe he puts his grandmother’s ring around your finger. Who knows!? But the tradition of passing the engagement ring from one generation to the next is disappearing. No worries! There are a lot of nice alternatives.

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring with a certain history, then you have a great chance to find them on special fairs and markets, or at the jewelry store. Those rings are 100% vintage and got a rich history. But they don't always give you the right certificate, so you don’t know for sure if the used materials are real. If you want to play safe, we have several engagement rings with a nice vintage touch in our collection!

We offer value for money. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of the used materials and gemstones, we use the most modern technology and there is no wastage yet.

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