When thinking about  a diamond ring, and diamond jewellery in general, we have noticed over time, that people, both women and men, often think of the following timeless designs: as a one centre piece which is the diamond solitaire, then there’s the halo design, with small gemstones or diamonds surrounding another larger centre stone and also eternity rings or bracelets, with rivers of diamonds.

But one rarely seems to think about the Trilogy or Trinity as a classic diamond ring. This one is composed of three stones, whether diamond or other gemstones, which are either the same size or the centre stone is slightly bigger, on a band, forming a very special and symbolic rich ring.

The symbolic of the Trinity or Trilogy

Although trinity is most commonly represented by a triangle or a spiral with three corners, the fact of creating something as a trilogy, meaning where the 3-part stands out, is what gives the diamond ring the similar significance in terms of symbolism.

The three corned design, the trinity, essentially represents one complete whole, which captures what is meant with being three in one: body, mind & spirit, as well as equality and strength. A triangle is a strong shape which was used in construction in different civilisations such as the Maya in Mexico and the Egyptians, and symbolises the connection between earth and the sky or between men and the gods.

The diamond Trilogy ring

Therefore, a Trilogy ring, holds together all of these meanings by representing three fabulous diamonds, on one diamond ring. The centre stone can be slightly larger than the two side stones, or they can all be exactly the same size.

Some people choose the authentic all-diamond look, which is just dazzling with fire and naturally embellishes your hand. Others instead choose to add some colour, by surrounding a diamond with sapphires or rubies or maybe using a coloured gemstone as the centre stone and highlighting it with diamonds as side stones.

Whichever design you decide to buy, a Trilogy or Trinity ring, remains a truly wonderful symbolic design which can be purchased and worn for a lifetime and through generations.

At BAUNAT, we have a beautiful selection of Trilogy designs and bear in mind that if you do not find the diamond ring that holds your heart, our team of designers and consultants is at your disposal to create it entirely for you!

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