• You can safely clean your white gold diamond ring with ammonia and water.
  • Protect your jewellery as much as possible from outside influences.
  • Hand lotions reduce the diamond's brilliance.

You want your white gold diamond ring to remain as beautiful as the day you bought it? Older ladies will advise you to brush it with toothpaste. It is best if you do not do this! Fortunately, there are other ways of maintaining your jewellery that are not harmful to the diamond. Diamonds may be unbreakable, but they can lose their brilliance or get damaged over time. You obviously want to avoid that with your white gold diamond ring. Therefore, these useful tips. 

Cleaning with ammonia

Especially when you wear your white gold diamond ring daily, certain maintenance is necessary. Mix one part ammonia with 6 parts water and let your jewel soak in it for 10 to 20 minutes. Then brush it gently with a soft bristled toothbrush. Try to only brush the diamond in your white gold diamond ring itself, to avoid scratches on the gold. Finished brushing? Rinse it with some water and leave it to dry on a paper towel. Finally, clean it with a lint-free cloth and it will sparkle just like before. You will find the perfect cleaning cloth in the package in which your white gold ring was shipped.

Protecting your ring

You cannot deny it: your white gold diamond ring can lose its brilliance. After all, you come into contact with all kinds of chemicals, creams and oils every day. The most harmful products are chlorine and bleach. That is why protecting your white gold diamond ring is as important as maintaining it. Of course, chlorine is also used in swimming pools. Therefore, do not wear your ring while swimming. Even if you go swimming in the sea. Both chlorine and seawater have a damaging effect on your jewellery. Are you not wearing your ring for a while? Then store it in the box you bought it in and keep it away from other jewellery.

Avoid hand lotions

Do you sometimes use hand lotion to keep your hands soft? It is best if you do not. Not even if you take your white gold diamond ring of before applying it on your hands. The oils contained in such care products have a negative effect on the brilliance of the diamond. If you keep these 3 tips in mind, maintaining your white gold diamond ring will not be a time-consuming task.

Would you like to know more about maintaining your jewellery? Or have you chosen a new jewel from our extensive ring collection? Please do contact the experts of BAUNAT.

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