Traditionally gifted by their partners in the form of a proposal, women today are considerably more likely to purchase unique engagement rings directly for themselves. It is done as a sign of independence, self-love and simply because today there is a larger percentage of women who are financially independent and can easily afford to buy jewellery for themselves. But, where does this self-purchasing trend stem from?

  • Self-purchasing trend: where does it come from?
  • Unique engagement ring ideas for unique women

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Self-purchasing trend: where does it come from?

Every year, major diamond companies such as the De Beers Group, proceed with analysing the market purchasing trends in diamonds and diamond jewellery. This annual report is called: “The Diamond Insight Report”. In the framework of this article we have found out in the report that global diamond sales rose to 80billion US$ last year and financially independent women are proving to being real game-changers.

In brief, single women not only increased their average spend on diamond jewellery, but they are also buying more pieces of jewellery, set with multiple diamonds and a larger number of carats.

It turns out that the self-purchasing trend, is literally reaching one-third of all the jewellery acquired, particularly among younger women. Women are not hesitating to spend as much for themselves on jewellery as they spend on a gift for someone else.

Following this trend, women are also buying themselves what would traditionally be called an engagement ring. As an engagement to themselves, to self-love and simply because they can afford it and always wanted to have one. Which unique engagement rings are most popular amongst single women? You shall find out below.

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Unique engagement ring ideas for unique women

You may have noticed that more and more marketing campaigns are targeting women who purchase jewellery for themselves as a realisation of the increasing influence women have on consumer spending overall.

It seems that the most popular unique engagement rings that are being purchased are the trilogy and the eternity ring.

The trilogy is the classic three stone ring, where the centre stone is larger and it is flanked by two slightly smaller stones or all three diamonds are of the same size. It is a wonderful ring that is perfect for anyone loving that sparkle.

The eternity ring is a band that is set with diamonds that are closely set one next to the other on the whole ring. It is a ring that remains timeless and will be in fashion for eternity.

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