Every woman dreams sometimes about the big day when her husband slides a wedding ring on her finger and she is wearing a beautiful white dress and promises eternal fidelity to the love of her life. Traditionally, it goes without saying that you get an engagement ring when your other half proposes. Dreaming is allowed, but if you’re single, all this is distant future. There is no man who sits on his knee, neither a wedding nor engagement ring. Therefore, single women more often buy a diamond ring for themselves, as a sign of independence and unconditional love for themselves. We don’t disagree with them, because before you can love someone, it is important to first like yourself.


In the US, buying a diamond engagement ring for yourself has become a real trend. Single women buy some kind of engagement ring for themselves, without any involvement of a man. Why wouldn’t you buy a diamond ring? Actually, every woman – even the non-single ladies – must make this promise to herself. It is important that this diamond ring fits your personality. The possibilities are endless.

Independence and self-love

This diamond ring symbolizes certain independence, but also an unconditional love for yourself. A little self-love is definitely not insignificant. You can even engrave your name in the ring, this way, you promise to love and honor yourself and be faithful. Basically, this rig is worn on the little finger, because this is a pinky promise. But of course this is not obligated.

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