One thing is clear: the uncertainty people have experienced over the past year due to lockdowns and a virus threatening people’s lives has eliminated the simple designs that were popular in 2019. Many couples had to cancel their weddings and may long for their special day even more. 

After months spent inside, brides with an adventurous side will be desperate to get out. So, expect to see sparkly party dresses, colourful gowns, and showstopping engagement rings taking centre stage. Here are the engagement ring and wedding dress trends of 2021.

Wedding Dress Trends 2021: Playful & Excessive

From statement sleeves, backs, and bows, to playful sparkles and pastel gowns, designers see brides going all-out when it comes to their wedding dress. Gone are the simple yet elegant designs like we saw Meghan Markle wear when she married Prince Harry in 2018.

This year, we’ll see brides wear gowns with retro bell sleeves or sleeves bedazzled with pearls, lace and crystals. Floaty sleeves are also on trend, giving a more seductive, romantic look. 

Brides in 2021 will look for a playful, fun and adventurous style to express their individuality. Cute pastels, feathers and floral patterns are excellent examples of the over-the-top designs we expect brides to wear this year. 

Now more than ever, brides want a dress that makes them feel incredible and a wedding that makes up for all those months in lockdown. 

2021 Engagement Ring Trends: Bold & Personal

Similar to wedding dresses, engagement ring trends in 2021 are also influenced by the events of 2020. In a year full of uncertainty, couples took control of the few things they could, like the engagement ring design.

A prominent trend we’ve seen this year is couples taking classic ring designs and adding a personal touch. Clients have much more time to explore what they want, so they come to designers with thought-out and unique design ideas. For example, using classic cuts like the brilliant-cut, but with unique gemstones like turquoise or rubies

Instead of standard precious metals like gold or platinum, couples also opt for materials that feel unexpected. Rose gold or two-toned rings are great examples of more unconventional alloys. 

We’ve also seen clients turning to band-style engagement rings as a two-in-one option. Given the ever-changing nature of weddings, some couples opt for rings that combine the engagement ring and wedding band. 

Another engagement ring trend in 2021 is that shoppers gravitate towards heirloom-inspired designs. In a year that separated families, customers feel nostalgic and want a ring design that represents their heritage. These people might also want to design a ring that they can pass down to their children as a new heirloom. 

These are some of the main trends of 2021. If you want to make a statement with your engagement ring, BAUNAT has an extensive collection of engagement rings guaranteed to wow anyone who sees them. 

Browse our collection or contact one of our experts if you require guidance to find the perfect design.
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