• How can I keep my wedding small?
  • What should I pay special attention to when organizing my big day?
  • How can my choice of diamond ring help my intimate day?

Although big weddings often seem the norm, many couples still prefer a more intimate setting and a smaller event for their wedding. No matter what the reason for choosing a smaller wedding, the devil is in the details. How can I have my small dream wedding? What can my diamond jewellery do to help?

How can I keep my wedding small?

Keeping your wedding small usually starts at the guest list. Cutting people with whom you do not have frequent contact or whom you feel would not add very much to your day is a big help in maintaining that intimate feel and cutting costs. Does your guest list run a little long despite your best efforts? Then you can easily split the wedding into several parts, inviting more people as the day progresses. That way you can only invite close family and best friends to dinner, add a few more names to the reception invitees and round out your list at the evening festivities. If you would rather avoid all of this intricate planning, a wedding planner will be worth far more than their fee.

Besides cutting down the guest list, the atmosphere of your venue helps your cause a great deal. Make sure to pick a warm and inviting place that is the perfect size for your entire wedding party. Choosing a venue that is too big for your number of guests drains it of intimacy and makes the room look empty. 

What should I pay special attention to when organizing my big day?

The fewer people attend your wedding, the more important the details become. Without the hustle and bustle of a big wedding crowd, details tend to stand out, along with their imperfections. Whatever money you save on a smaller guest list and intimate venue, you can spend on perfecting the smallest details for the perfect finish. Another way of making sure all guests are treated to a perfect wedding, is to spend more on the elements directly relating to them. Especially when it comes to food they expect high-end catering, which is far easier to provide with fewer costs elsewhere.

Remember that celebrating with family and friends is one of the most important parts of your special day. Take care to invite everyone you really need to be there and that you do not cut anyone from the guest list with whom you would rather share your day.

How can my choice of diamond ring help my intimate day? 

Now that your intimate wedding has a cosy venue and a spectacular meal, you can think of the finishing touches. Not only the details of your surroundings make a big difference, so do the ones that give your bridal look the perfect finish. Your diamond ring and complementing jewellery should stand out, but not overpower you. Ask for guidance for the perfect bridal look to match your dress and cosy feel when you go looking for your jewellery. Not sure if all of the necessary guests are on the list? Add them and save money by choosing high-end jewellery from an online diamond jeweller and cut the cost by cutting out the middle man. 

Where can I find the perfect diamond ring without breaking the bank? Who can help me put together the perfect bridal set for my intimate wedding? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect finishing touches to your intimate day.

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