• Where can I learn exactly what type of ring I want?
  • How can I drop hints myself?
  • Who can I trust to help him?

Being proposed to will be one of the most memorable events of your life, no matter what. However, the ring he proposes with is here to stay, and for the rest of your life! How can I make sure he picks the right ring? What can I do to make sure I will want to wear my precious diamond ring for the rest of my life?

Where can I learn exactly what type of ring I want?

It seems logical that before you can start dropping hints you need to make sure you are absolutely certain of the type of ring you want. Surprisingly, however, many brides to be have only a vague idea of what their perfect engagement ring looks like. So before you start dropping hints, make sure you know exactly what type of ring you want, down to the last detail. What type of setting do I want my diamond to be in? Which shape of diamond do I want? Should I choose a classic yellow gold band, or do I prefer a platinum ring? Every single detail could completely transform the ring of your dreams into a nightmare.

That is why you would do well to research what types of rings are out there, and which ones suit you to a tee, before you hint at anything. Found it? Then you can move on to the next step.

How can I drop hints myself?

Firstly, you could try to inform him of your perfect engagement ring by just straight up telling him the specifications. ‘Kate Middleton’s oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 round cut diamonds set in 18 karat whit gold is just perfect!’ might sound logical to you, but he might have trouble remembering all of it. You could definitely try this route, but make sure you have a backup. A dedicated Pinterest board is a great idea of showing exactly what you want without having to spell it out. Do take care to only pin the exact rings or types of rings you want for your engagement to avoid confusion.

You might have very diverse tastes, but he will never know what to choose if every ring on your board is different. Would you love a platinum ring? Then do not save any white gold ones. Is diamond everything you have ever wanted for your engagement? Then steer clear of other gems.

Who can I trust to help him?

Just to be sure, you can ask someone you know and trust to help him. Choose someone who not only knows exactly what you want, but whom he would easily go to for advice in the matter. Your mother, sister or best friend are all heavenly accomplices when it comes to being chosen as his advisor for such an important task. Arm them with some photo’s or detailed descriptions of exactly the type of ring you want. It is essential that they know perfectly what you want, so that you can avoid ending up with white gold when you wanted a platinum ring, or with yellow gold when you wanted rose.

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