The Austrian writer Marie Ebner von Eschenbach is quoted as saying: "True elegance means staying within shouting distance of fashion." It sums up very well what makes jewellery elegant. Timeless beauty that is not subject to rapidly changing fashion trends. Discover the fascination of elegant ear studs and earrings that you will enjoy for decades to come.

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What makes earrings elegant?

Elegant earstuds with diamonds by BAUNAT - Diamond ear studs, timeless and elegant with every outfit
Elegant earrings do not have to be boring in design. They may attract attention as long as the look is dignified, coherent and not too extravagant. The absolute classics are diamond earrings with a single solitaire diamond, made of white gold or yellow gold, alternatively also platinum. Symbol of elegance and understatement, they sparkle seductively on your earlobe and can be combined with any outfit. Just as suitable for an evening meeting or an event as for daily use in the office.  Universal jewellery that you can wear every day of the year and always strikes the right chord. Less is sometimes more.

Can it be something more? Add a halo of small diamonds. Around the large central diamond, a circle of small diamonds is placed, which visually melts with the central stone. Halo earrings cost a little more than pure solitaire earrings, but they sparkle a lot more.
Earrings in the Rivière design in which the gemstones, usually diamonds, are lined up like the course of a river are just as elegant. For example, bar earrings, which are particularly beautiful to wear with a tennis bracelet or a tennis necklace.  Luxurious and striking, but still very elegant. In addition, they are the perfect choice for women with a rather round face, which they shape optically.

Last but not least, elegance is determined by the materials used. Cheap fashion jewellery can look beautiful, but usually lacks the charisma, fire and sparkle that make real diamond jewellery with a high-quality finish something very special.

Which earrings belong as basics in every jewellery box?

A pair of elegant ear studs is almost obligatory, depending on your preference in classic yellow gold or modern white gold. If you prefer a round look, the bezel setting, which surrounds the diamond like a band, is a good choice, otherwise you can never go wrong with a claw setting. It is the most popular setting for diamonds and not without reason, because between the small claws the light can shine optimally into the diamond. At the same time, this setting keeps the diamond firmly in the jewel, is insensitive and easy to maintain.

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A colourless diamond is particularly suitable as a gemstone. If you prefer coloured gemstones, rubies, sapphires or emeralds are high-quality and robust stones with high hardness. They are especially beautiful with a halo of diamonds around them.

Also, versatile and a good choice for many occasions are diamond creoles, i.e. round earrings with diamonds. Don't like big, inviting earrings? No problem, because in addition to large, round statement earrings, there are also small and elegant creoles that reach right around the earlobe.
The secret of elegance lies in simplicity.
For festive occasions, it can always be a bit more, so it is best to fall back on an elegant design collection or choose the aforementioned Rivière earrings, which are also available in a tapered version.

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