There is no strict dress code anymore at the office these days, but there are still some rules that you must keep in mind, also in terms of jewellery. Subtle diamond earrings, a cute pendant, a beautiful ring, etc., are perfect to give your work outfit some extra elegance. Jewellery is an essential part of our wardrobe. People use them for centuries to show their power and wealth. But times change; today diamond jewellery is very important, especially in the business life. Women are increasingly opting for a simple jewel to complement their work outfit(s). Elegance is what counts, that’s why subtle diamond earrings are the ultimate accessory to wear at the office.


With the increasing popularity of fine jewellery, women are more and more opting for simple diamond earrings to spice up their outfit at the office. Diamond earrings are the absolute favorite for every type of woman, of any age whatsoever. A subtle sparkle is a fun way to give a business outfit more glamour. They are pure elegance, without being too conspicuous. Moreover, they do not hinder your daily operations. A smart investment, so be sure to take a look at our extensive collection of diamond earrings, intended for everyone.

Possible alternatives

Besides earrings, we also offer other (formal) jewellery, for example exclusive dazzling pendants and rings. For those who don’t like earrings, they are a good alternative. The Médaillon d’Anvers has been an eye catcher in our collection for years. It’s perfect to give your outfit at work that extra touch. This pendant is available in yellow, white and red gold. When wearing a ring, it is sufficient to wear an engagement and-/or a wedding ring. You don’t only show that you are no longer a bachelor, an exquisite diamond also makes a certain impression. A beautiful diamond engagement ring attracts a lot of attention, even in the workplace.

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