We all know these two extremely clever campaign slogans. They have both remained anchored in our minds throughout the years and rightly so. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and diamonds are forever, which is why they are associated with the most important pieces of jewellery every woman should own.

Gold diamond jewellery coordinates perfectly with every outfit, from the business suit you may wear at work, to the relaxed jeans and shirt combo you would wear over the weekend.

Diamonds with their unequalled brilliance, fire and scintillation truly become your ideal accessory for every outfit.

Statement jewellery with simple outfits

If you are wearing a simpler ensemble or pieces of clothing with softer colours, then your outfit is calling for some statement jewellery.

In this case you should choose a bolder design with warm colours. An accessory that is clearly visible from a distance and that highlights your whole outfit in a split second.

It could be a larger necklace or long and dangling earrings that frame your face and give a lovely personalised touch to your look.

Using the colour wheel as inspiration to match colours

Another option is to use the famous colour wheel to combine colours when choosing your clothes and accessories for the day. The colour wheel is a simple circle composed of different coloured sectors that are used to show the relationship between these colours.

There are the primary and the secondary colours. Red, yellow and blue being the primary colours while the secondary colours are obtained by mixing these 3 primary colours in specific ways. The result being orange, green and violet.

How does this apply to fashion and jewellery? Basically, you use the colours in different combos and apply these to what you are wearing.

The most popular combos are the following two: 1. Using the colours that are next to each other - yellow and orange or blue and violet for example. 2. Using the complementary colours, that are directly across from one another - yellow and violet, blue and orange or red and green.

For instance, you could choose elegant sapphire earrings and wear them over a bright orange top. Or you could select a warm yellow gold bracelet and wear that with a blue dress for a contrast between warm and cold colours.

Pairing your gold diamond jewellery with your outfits is a fun activity and the options today are countless.

Have you ever thought of designer jewellery inspired by the movement of a ballet dance or the beauty of nature? BAUNAT has a wonderful selection of designer jewellery that could be worn with all of your outfits. We also offer an elegant selection of classic gold diamond jewellery that is truly timeless.

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