Classic engagement rings remain as trendy as ever and seem to be as timeless as the famous little black dress. Classic is no longer seen as a synonym for basic or old fashioned. On the contrary, classic today is seen as quintessential, elegant and refined. But why are classic and traditional engagement rings still so trendy today?


The Timeless Classic

Essentially, classic engagement rings are always a success. Whatever the style and personality of the person you are buying the ring for, you can be sure that your proposal will be perfect with a classic ring.

Most people consider a classing engagement ring to be a simple solitaire, with one diamond as the centrepiece. The type of setting can vary, but the design itself makes the diamond the star of the show. Its simplicity and uncluttered design still make the solitaire setting the most popular setting for an engagement ring today.
In fact, according to a survey by a blog called Ringspo in 2017, 33.6% of the people surveyed chose to buy or receive a classic solitaire engagement ring.

This Survey aimed to get an idea of which engagement rings people buy, how much they spend and where they buy them. The participants were 1192 men who had proposed and 1240 women who had been proposed to. The perfect panel to get inspiration and some guidance regarding engagement rings.

Tailor-make Your Own Classic Engagement Ring

A way to make traditional engagement rings truly unique is to have them tailor-made. Classic designs are very easy to use as starting points for all customised designs.

There are different ways in which to proceed. You could select a classic engagement ring that you like and tailor it to your wishes by either adding an engraving or personalising it in other ways. You could also decide to create your very own unique ring from start to finish.
Tailor-making your own classic engagement ring involves choosing the design, the diamond and the metal that, when combined, will result in the engagement ring of your dreams.

The process in itself is straightforward, and the only thing you need to foresee is time, as it does take a bit of planning to design your ring and then have it handmade.

Whether they are personalised, tailor-made or bought online, classic engagement rings are timeless and remain as trendy as ever, even in 2021.

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