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What to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring?

There are three important components to consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring: the band, the setting and the diamond.

  • The band
    BAUNAT offers bands in 18k gold (white, yellow or red) or platinum. The most popular engagement bands are made out of a solid metal with a diamond solitaire or have small diamonds embedded in the band of the ring. The golden ring is a classic, while platinum is more modern. Furthermore, both the golden engagement ring and the golden wedding ring are timeless classics.
    The setting
    The setting is the part of the ring that holds the diamond in place. The most commonly used type of setting is the claw setting, which is seen with solitaire diamond engagement rings.
    BAUNAT also has a patented setting called Jafo, designed by Wouters & Hendrix.
  • The diamond
    The diamond is the third and maybe the most important component. BAUNAT only selects diamonds that sparkle to their maximum but that pay no additional cost for prestige or rarity. The diamonds used by BAUNAT have a VS2 or SI1 score on the purity scale and have a G or H colour. They also have an exceptional cut, which accounts for their maximum brilliance. Moreover, you can also opt for colour by choosing a ring with ruby, emerald or sapphire.

When selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring, one should consider the personal taste of the person on whose finger it will be worn. A more classic woman most likely will prefer a classic, simple and elegant wedding and engagement ring from our classic collection, whilst other women will prefer rings with a modern twist from our designer collection.

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