For many men, buying an engagement ring is a real challenge. They usually choose a traditional ring, which is set with one or more colorless diamond, to ask their loved one to marry them. When this happens, they clearly play it safe, but sometimes it may be a little more extravagant. Colored diamonds are also beautiful, and currently very popular. There is an increasing demand for pink diamonds. A beautiful color and a smart investment, let’s dig a little deeper into the unique world of the pink diamond.

Pink diamonds are very rare, if not the rarest. They are mainly mined in the Argyle Mine (Australia). This mine is the largest source of pink diamonds, even though they are so rare that only a few are found each year. This explains the expensive price tag. Very rich people are currently completely going wild at international auctions and offer a high amount of money to get a unique pink diamond. Sotheby’s Hong Kong auctioned off a pink diamond of 8.41 carat last year for a record amount of 17.768.041 US dollars (or 2.1 million per carat). We don’t disagree with this buyer. Pink diamonds are a good investment: they constantly increase in value. If you have a limited budget, but still want to buy an engagement ring with a pink diamond in the lead, a smaller and therefore slightly cheaper diamond is certainly possible.

But how is this unique pink color created? Diamonds get their color from chemical impurities that absorb light. Yellow diamonds contain traces of nitrogen. However, in pink diamonds are no similar impurities found. Researchers believe that the color is the result of a seismic shock that changed the molecular structure of the stone. With the investigation into the origin of a pink diamond, leading scientists hope that they will learn more about the history of our planet. In short, it’s a stone full of secrets. What we can say with certainty is that men more and more buy an engagement ring with a pink diamond.

We at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of beautiful engagement rings; classic solitaire rings, or more pronounced models. On request, we can also produce a diamond engagement ring with a pink diamond.

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