• Why is a pink diamond a good choice for my engagement ring?
    • Why does pink diamond engagement ring cost so much?
    • How is the colour of a pink diamond created?
    Buying an engagement ring is a challenge for many men. Usually, they choose a traditional ring, set with one or more colourless diamonds, to propose to their beloved. While this design is the safest choice, sometimes it should be a bit more extravagant. Coloured diamonds are also beautiful and currently very popular and we see an increasing demand for pink diamonds: a beautiful colour and a smart investment. Join us and dig deeper into the unique world of pink diamond engagement rings.


    Why Is a Pink Diamond a Good Choice For My Engagement Ring?

    An engagement ring is always something special and if you go for a pink diamond, you know it will be spectacular. Pink diamonds are rare and are becoming increasingly popular as a centrepiece on an engagement ring. Not only does the colour symbolise love the same as red does, but there is also a hint of mystery behind the pink diamond –– scientists do not know precisely why it is pink. A last reason is because it is just incredibly beautiful, a piece of art from Mother Nature.

    Why Does a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Cost So Much?

    Pink diamonds are extremely rare, perhaps the rarest in the world. They are mainly mined in the Australian Argyle Mine –– the largest source of pink diamonds in the world, but even there they are so rare that only a few are found each year. This already explains the hefty price tag.

    The super-rich and other investors are currently involved in a rush on these diamonds, paying astronomical amounts. And who are we to say they are wrong? Pink diamonds rise steadily in value, so they are definitely a good investment. In 2015, Sotheby's Hong Kong auctioned a pink diamond for nearly 18 million US dollars. Mind you, it was 8.41 carats. Do you have a more limited budget? Not a problem. Choose a smaller (and therefore more affordable) pink diamond, and your engagement ring will still be unique.

    How Is the Colour Of a Pink Diamond Created?

    Diamonds usually get their distinct colours from chemical impurities that absorb light. Yellow diamonds, for example, contain traces of nitrogen. However, this is not the case with pink diamonds where no one has found any impurities. Several researchers think that the colour is the result of a seismological shock that changed the molecular structure.

    Some prominent scientists even think that by researching pink diamonds, they can learn more about Earth's History! This diamond type is thus full of secrets. What is not a secret is that more and more men choose an engagement ring with a pink diamond as a centrepiece on an engagement ring.

    Are you intrigued by these exceptional diamonds? Come and visit BAUNAT to discuss the possibilities for a pink diamond on an engagement ring, or get online advice from our diamond experts.
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