• Which factors determine the ‘wow factor’ of your diamond ring?
  • What influence does cut quality have on the luminosity of your stone?
  • Which gradations are used to depict cut quality?

If we would ask you what the most important characteristic of a diamond is, you would undoubtedly answer: the ‘wow factor’. You want other people to admire your diamond and to shower it with adjectives such as ‘radiant’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘fiery’. Did you know there are optical effects that enhance the beauty of your diamond? It is no coincidence that the round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut. This cut ensures an intense brilliance and an undeniable appeal. Buying a ring with a brilliant is often recommended when looking for an engagement ring and more and more couples now opt for a ring with a brilliant as their wedding ring.

Carat, colour, clarity and the price of the jewel too, are your guidelines when buying a ring with a brilliant. Is the price the determining factor for you? Then be sure to read up on the following 6 ways to make your diamond appear larger. But, back to our brilliant. With this beautifully finished diamond, every facet affects the light entering the stone. Buying a ring with a brilliant equals opting for 57 facets that reflect the light. In other words, a successful ‘wow factor’!

For many, the cut quality is the determining factor of the diamonds 4 C’s. These 4 C’s are the basis for every internationally recognized certificate. BAUNAT works together with GIA, IGI and HRD only, the three most renowned laboratories in the world. For the round brilliant they discern 5 gradations of cut quality, ranging from ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’. If you are thinking of buying a ring with a brilliant, always review the information on the certificate. A diamond that has received an ‘excellent’ is a diamond with the best cut quality possible. This diamond has an even pattern, with a beautiful contrast between the lighter and darker facets that ensure sharp and balanced light refractions. A diamond with a ‘poor’ cut quality is noticeably less vibrant. Here, the ‘wow factor’ is overshadowed by a certain dullness.

In short: buying a ring with a brilliant boosts the ‘wow factor’, providing you take the additional factors, such as cut quality, in consideration. Of course, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A researcher at GIA discovered, based on more than 70.000 observational tests, that there is a wide variety in proportions within each gradation of cut. Each diamond within the same cut grade can thus differs lightly. This is why the GIA system puts emphasis on the overall appeal of the diamond.

Have you discovered the ‘wow factor’ in our extensive collection of rings and engagement rings yet? When you have decided on buying the perfect ring with a brilliant, you can contact the experts at BAUNAT

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