• Search for information online.
  • #Instagram for inspiration.
  • Pin beautiful engagement rings on Pinterest.
  • Clever app to determine your ring size.
  • Why should you buy an engagement ring online?

Are you on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring? You have probably looked for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest or websites of jewellers. The information you find there is to-the-point, clear and easy to share and save. So why not take it one step further and buy your engagement ring online as well? To help you get started, we have outlined the most helpful channels and apps.


Search for information online

The internet overwhelms you with information and inspiration. Because of this, you will be well-armed with facts regarding the dos and don’ts when you decide to buy an engagement ring online. You can find countless articles with practical tips on choosing an engagement ring and a myriad of inspirational blogs.

#Instagram for Inspiration

Several future brides proudly post pictures of their engagement ring on Instagram. Using #Engagement or #EngagementRing, you find endless examples on Instagram that help you get a general idea of what you do and do not like. Have you found what you are looking for? Buy your engagement ring online, easily and safely. Even using your smartphone.

Pin Beautiful Engagement Rings on Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest board filled with inspiration for your dream wedding? Why not make a board to pin engagement ring ideas too? By clicking on the picture you can easily access the jeweller’s website and buy your engagement ring online.

Why Should You Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

Not only searching for an engagement ring but also buying an engagement ring is easier and more efficient when done online. Did you know that there are also many benefits associated with buying an engagement ring online? Even from a financial point of view, as prices online are up to 30% or 50% less expensive!

Have you found your way to our extensive collection of engagement rings and do you wish to buy your engagement ring online? If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the BAUNAT experts. Via chat, too, all your questions are answered immediately!
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