Are you getting ready to propose to your partner? As you know, a marriage proposal is no everyday event. It isa unique moment between you and your beloved  and you want everything to go perfectly.You’ll want a setting that perfectly represents your love, and of course,  the perfect engagement ring. Do you have no idea where to start? We know how overwhelming planning a proposal can be so here are some tips to follow  to help you buy the perfect engagement ring.


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What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Let's first outline thedifference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Although both rings symbolise the eternal bond between 2 soulmates, there are a few differences between them in terms of both the purchasing process and their outward appearances.

You tend to buy an engagement ring by yourself, whereaswedding rings tend to be bought with your partner. According to tradition, engagement rings need to have a sparkling diamond, whereas wedding rings are more simple and smooth.

A kiss on the hand is nice but a diamond bracelet is forever

Which types of engagement rings are a safe choice?

If you are looking to buy an engagement ring, then most advice will be about solitaire rings which draw all the attention to a single diamond. But you can also opt for the beauty and symbolism of an engagement ring with 2 or 3 diamonds.

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How do you choose the right diamond?

We are happy to give you tips on how to choose the right diamond for the perfect engagement ring. Many men choose the classic solitaire engagement ring with a round diamond and plenty of sparkle. A timeless and elegant choice to charm every type of woman. We will discuss how many carats the diamond should have, but the global average is between 1.00 and 1.09 carats.
Several engagement rings on one hand. BAUNAT gives engagement ring buying tips.
The higher the carat weight, the higher the price of the engagement ring. The quality of the diamond is expressed by the 4Cs, whereby clarity and colour are extremely important. Go for a diamond which scores at least VS2 or SI1 on the clarity scale and G or H on the colour scale. All that's left to decide is whether the round brilliant cut is the right choice for you, or whether something else would suit you better.

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What do you need to know about the cut?

The sparkle of the diamond is largely determined by the cut. If you are looking for engagement buying tips, it is especially important to seek extra advice about the cut. The round brilliant has the most sparkle as it is cut to have 57 facets which all reflect off each other. The square princess cut is no less beautiful than the brilliant cut, although the price of a princess polished diamond is generally lower. The price of old cut diamonds with fewer facets is also considerably lower although they do lack some fire. But we have noticed that these cuts have increased in popularity since the vintage revival. Vintage is a trend that revives old pieces of clothing and jewellery.

Which trends are we aware of?

The vintage trend not only revived the old cut. Romantic and nostalgic souls are increasingly going for red gold, a precious metal that was popular during the Victorian era. In order to turn an engagement ring into a truly vintage engagement ring, different precious stones are often chosen instead of diamonds. These might include a splendid red ruby, blue sapphire, or green emerald.
Engagement ring with centre diamond and eternity ring from BAUNAT on one ring finger
Eternity rings are another trend. Here, the ring is encircled by smaller diamonds or other precious stones. The ultimate symbol of love! It is very important to know her exact ring measurement when buying an eternity ring as it cannot be made larger or smaller.

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How do you add colour to her engagement ring?

We have a few tips for buying a colourful engagement ring. Instead of a colourless diamond, you could choose a coloured gemstone as the central stone in the ring. Diamonds can also be naturally coloured. Naturally coloured diamonds are even rarer and therefore more expensive than colourless ones. Another option is to choose yellow or red gold. But did you know that it is also perfectly possible to combine 2 colours of precious metal? These kinds of engagement ring are described as 'bicolour' or 'two tone' in the collection.

If you prefer to keep things plain and simple, then combining yellow and white gold is perfect. If you are looking for something more eye-catching, then try combining white and red gold. A multicoloured ring might be a little more expensive, but you will be sure to have an absolutely unique engagement ring.
The higher the carat weight, the higher the price of the engagement ring.

How much should an engagement ring cost?

We have already discussed more expensive and affordable options in detail, but what is the effective cost centre for an engagement ring? The unwritten rules say that you should spend an average of 2 to 3 months' wages on her engagement ring. The overall price might be determined by each individual part of the ring. So set a realistic budget and ask for advice during the choosing process.
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Book an appointment at a showroom where jewellery and diamond experts can give you personalised tips based on your preferences and budget before you buy the engagement ring. You can also get tips on how to make her diamond engagement ring appear larger without going over budget.

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Diamond jewellery experts from BAUNAT will help you to choose diamond jewellery when you make an appointment at one of our showrooms

An engagement ring for men?

What do you think about a 'mengagement ring' or an engagement ring for men? In the past it was very normal for both men and women to wear an engagement ring. A lovely tradition waiting to be revived!
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What alternatives are there to engagement rings?

Although the engagement ring has been inextricably linked with marriage proposals for centuries, you can also go for an alternative. Which diamond jewellery can be chosen as an alternative to an engagement ring? Anything is possible! The American President JFK proposed to his wife Jackie in 1953 with an engagement bracelet! Chic and unexpected!

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How should I ask her father for her hand?

According to centuries-old tradition, the man first had to ask his future father-in-law for her hand. The father would then ask specific questions to ensure that his daughter's future husband would be able to provide for her. The discussion was mostly about money. After the father's blessing, both sets of parents had to meet to discuss the conditions of the marriage.

This happens much less frequently today, but it still has a certain charm and is a lot less seriousthan in the past. Many couples already live together before they get married, meaning that the change is a lot less distinct. Many still ask for permission for romantic reasons. You can also ask for tips on how to make the proposal extra special.
True love stories have no ending.
Woman with tennis bracelet and diamond engagement ring from BAUNAT

What should you consider when organising a proposal?

In some countries it is compulsory to arrange a notice of marriage. This means that the engaged couple has to inform the church or the registry office that they intend to marry. This is to check that all legal and religious requirements are met in order for a wedding to take place. One such requirement is that you are not still married to anyone else.

In Belgium, you need to register that you intend to get married at least 14 days and up to 6 months beforehand for civil marriages. You need to visit the civil registry where you live and where you wedding ceremony will take place. You have to bring your identity cards, both your birth certificates, any marriage contract and an excerpt from the death or divorce register if you were previously married.
Some people turn their notice of marriage into an event almost as significant as the actual marriage ceremony.

Are you ready to decide?

Do you want to be guided by our expert advice? It is time to discover our wide-ranging collection of engagement rings. Choose our engagement rings for handmade quality at a unique price.

Not quite sure? Then consider a few classic choices. The most traditional and safe option is the round brilliant single diamond. But a diamond ring with several stones or coloured gemstones will also make her jaw drop.

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Choose from the collection or go for a custom piece of jewellery

There is a wide range of rings and alternative pieces of jewellery for your engagement and you can customise them as you wish in terms of setting, precious stone, precious metal, and cut. View the available engagement rings online and think about the quality of engagement ring that you are looking for according to your budget. Be well-prepared as an engagement ring is not something that you buy every day.

Handy information about engagement rings

Now you know how to find the perfect engagement ring. But how much are you going to spend? Where does the tradition of giving an engagement ring come from? Can you also buy a ring without a stone? Read about that and much more in these blogs.

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