One thing is certain: both engagement and wedding rings symbolise eternal love. Yet there are some differences between engagement rings and wedding rings. Even in appearance, although that difference is becoming less and less pronounced. In the past, however, it was a diamond engagement ring and a gold wedding ring. These days anything is possible. Or would you prefer to take tradition and etiquette into account?


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The difference between wedding and engagement rings

The main difference between wedding rings and engagement rings is, as the names suggest, is that engagement rings are exchanged when couples get engaged while wedding rings are exchanged during the actual wedding ceremony. In some countries, like Sweden, both the man and the woman wear engagement rings and only the woman receives a wedding ring at the ceremony. In others, like the Us and UK, it’s the other way around.

How are engagement and wedding rings worn, traditionally?

Are you still thinking about how to propose? Then you are definitely looking for advice on finding an engagement ring. But once you have found the perfect engagement ring for her, which finger should you be putting it on? If you go for tradition, the engagement ring will be on the left hand. We owe this custom to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, who believed that the "vena amoris" ran through the left ring finger, a love vein which is connected directly to the heart. A myth, but no less romantic all the same.
Marriage remains the most important journey of discovery that people can undertake.
This also means that wedding rings are worn on the right. Although that choice is often dictated by your religion or country of birth. Some women also choose to wear engagement and wedding rings on the same hand.

How do you wear engagement and wedding rings on the same hand?

If your intended decides to wear her engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, she can choose either matching or contrasting ones. For matching rings, we look first at the diamond on her engagement ring. Have you chosen a solitaire engagement ring with an eye-catching round brilliant? A classic, which goes really beautifully with a slimmer eternity ring, one set all round with smaller diamonds. You could combine different precious metals to create a beautiful and striking contrast.
Woman wearing a BAUNAT solitary engagement ring and eternity ring on her finger
Fancy mixing white gold or platinum with yellow or rose gold? Anything is possible these days! It is even perfectly possible to wear an engagement ring as a wedding ring. For example, you can get an engagement ring engraved following the wedding.

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It is perfectly possible to wear the engagement ring as a wedding ring.

What if she doesn't like wearing rings?

Not every woman likes wearing rings. Wearing an engagement or wedding ring is not even allowed with some jobs, for hygiene or safety reasons. In which case you could give her a necklace, so she can wear her rings close to her heart. And what do you think about other diamond jewellery as an alternative to engagement rings? You could, for instance, go for an engagement bracelet, and have it engraved with the question "will you marry me?".

Another advantage of the engagement bracelet is that you do not have to jump through hoops to find out her ring size without her knowing. And this means you gain time for getting ready for the marriage proposal.

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Are you still looking for the right ring?

Are you still busy looking for the right engagement or wedding ring? That's understandable: it's not easy, remembering everything in our extensive diamond rings collection. So don't hesitate to ask the BAUNAT experts for advice. They can help you find the right ring(s) with an appointment in person. Book an appointment at one of our showrooms.

As a wedding ring, or as an engagement ring?

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What else should I know?

Buying an engagement or wedding ring should not be rushed. It should always be a fully considered decision which you need to think about carefully. You will find more information in these blogs about which hand is best to wear engagement and wedding rings on, what the meaning behind it is, and advice on buying a wedding ring. Find out all you need to know here.

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