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Diamond engagement ring

On which hand should you wear your wedding or engagement ring?

  • Strong traditions
  • Modern influences

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Strong traditions

According to an old folk belief, the right hand is directly connected to the heart and that is why in many countries, the wedding band should be worn on the right hand, the hand of the heart.

We believe it entirely depends on cultural background, religion, which country you live in and more. Below we listed some customs around the world to give you an idea of how different it can be:

Traditionally for the Catholics, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand, while for Protestants its on the left hand. During the wedding, the ring is moved to the other hand to go along with the wedding band. This also applies to Eastern Orthodox Christians.

In Flanders, depending on the province you’re from, the customs can change. In East and West Flanders for example, the wedding ring is worn mostly on the left, while in Antwerp and Brabant, usually on the right. In Limburg its even more complicated: the traditions can differ from one region to another.

Out in the world, if we look at North America and South Africa, it can be said that most brides and grooms both wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand, regardless of their faith. In a traditional Jewish wedding celebration the bride’s wedding ring is slipped on her right index finger first. But after the ceremony, the bride moves her ring to the ring finger of her left hand.

Modern influences

Nowadays, things have evolved to adapt to a faster and more active society, and although most people do still like to keep old habits, some choose to wear their engagement or wedding ring around their middle or index finger for example.

Then more practical reasons are used as an excuse to wear an engagement ring or wedding band on another finger or hand, if for instance the person is left-handed and has to perform heavy duties, they may choose to wear their ring on the right hand or another finger to prevent damage.

We have to keep in mind that initially engagement rings were only thought of for women. But lately, we have observed an increase in demand for engagement rings for men specifically.

Although they can be found easily on the market, to day there are no particular customs to  indicate on which finger or hand men should wear their engagement ring.

Traditions should not guide you in your choice, the most important thing is what it means to  you and that it remains a symbol of love.

The experts at BAUNAT would be more than happy to advise and assist you in the process.

Author: Katrien Maes
Source: BAUNAT