Mexican engagement transforms dating and courtship into a deeper level of commitment, and as such the engagement ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry to mark the special moment. Continue reading to discover Mexican engagement ring traditions along with specialist recommendations to help you make the right choice.

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Mexican wedding

What are Typical Mexican Engagement Traditions?

Traditionally, Mexicans are overwhelmingly Catholic meaning many customs are rooted in faith and church culture. It is common for Mexican weddings to be large family affairs, often treated as family reunions, where everyone from all sides of the family are invited to celebrate.

The family are involved in the wedding preparations from the proposal all the way through to the exchanging of the vows.

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Mexican wedding

Proposing in Mexico

It’s customary in Mexico for the groom to ask the bride’s parents for permission to take her hand in marriage - without the bride knowing. Once the groom has permission, the engagement planning begins days, weeks and even months ahead of the big day.

After the couple are engaged, the bride-to-be’s family organises a meal to officially formalise the proposal. In Mexico the whole engagement affair is known as “La pedida” (which translates in English as “the request”).

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Mexican wedding

What Kind of Engagement Rings do Mexican Women Like?

Traditional Mexican engagement ring styles often feature diamonds crafted ornately, intricately and wide-set in brilliant round or princess cuts. It is also common for Mexican Engagement rings to feature engraving along the band, with openwork and milgrain.

While the larger, showy engagement rings are for the woman, Mexican men also wear matching wedding bands (and sometimes throughout the engagement too). Much like the wide-cut women’s rings, the men’s rings too are wide and ornate.

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As times and traditions change, modern and American-style jewelry trends have influenced Mexican engagement ring traditions. Like the United States, today, promise rings are common in Mexico before the official engagement. Just like an engagement ring, the promise ring symbolises the love and affection a couple has for one another.

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Frequently asked Questions

How big should the diamond of an engagement ring be?

There is no unwritten rule about the size of the diamond in an engagement ring. You simply choose the ring that best suits your loved one, from fine and elegant to striking and imposing. Some choose for various small diamonds above a solitary example, because these cost less for the same carat weight. With a halo engagement ring, where a central diamond is encircled by various smaller stones, the diamond is made to look bigger. When the ring really must really stand out, the diamond can weigh up to 5 carats. However, most of the diamonds in engagement rings weigh between 1.00 and 1.09 carats.

How should I give an engagement ring?

Traditions are to be treasured, so why should you deviate from them? No woman is indifferent to a marriage proposal on one knee, especially when it happens at a special place. The place where you first met, an exotic beach, an iconic location in a world city, etc. Supply the necessary romantic accents like candles, torches, flower petals: always make sure the ambience is right. And of course a magnificent diamond engagement ring from BAUNAT! In short, do everything possible to make your proposal an unforgettable event.

What is the romantic history of diamonds?

The diamond is used in many pieces of exquisite jewellery and comes in various sizes. It is, however, in its smallest form that it catches our interest the most: the diamond ring given in token of love and marriage. The actual history of this tradition transcends the perception of its creation as marketing hyperbole. The modern solitaire is just the most recent step on a long road from the past.

Rings date back several millennia, but those that are given as a token of love are first noted by the comic Roman poet Plautus in the 2nd century BCE. In those times, wedding rings were known for their interior inscriptions that recorded the marriage contracts signed in the presence of the Emperor's image. This custom was continued and Christianized by the 4th century, when priests would not permit weddings anymore without the exchange of rings.

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