Big, bigger, biggest. Engagement rings come in a variety of sizes. From discreet and fine rings to striking and impressive engagement rings with large diamonds and diamonds on the ring band as well. Find out which ring suits your loved one.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a very large engagement ring?

The size limit of an engagement ring is mainly determined by the budget. The larger the individual diamond, the more expensive it is. Several small diamonds of the same carat weight and quality always cost less than one single large stone with the same properties. The reason is the scarcity. Large high- quality diamonds, which are optimally accentuate in a solitaire engagement ring, are much more scarce than smaller ones.

The most important advantage of a large engagement ring is probably the smile that it will bring to the face of your loved one. Hardly any woman wants a small ring with a hardly visible diamond in it.
A large ring will make her proud.
Engagement ring with one large and two smaller diamonds  - An impressive Trilogy engagement ring with three high-quality diamonds
On the other hand, there are also very practical reasons that speak against a diamond that is too large. In everyday life, a very large stone can be uncomfortable. It snags on clothes more easily and the risk of hitting the ring is higher. In addition, not everyone wants to openly show off with his or her wealth and values a certain understatement.

What is the upper limit for the size of diamonds in an engagement ring?

Depending on the size of the hand, a diamond over 5 carats in a rather opulent ring can be a little too much. The stone then looks just too big in proportion to the ring.

Only the size or carat weight does not say much about the quality of the diamond. It is the combination of the 4C’s, carat, colour, cut and clarity, that make up the overall picture and also the price and value. A large engagement ring with a diamond with many highly visible inclusions and a rather unfavourable cut can’t compete with a smaller but finer diamond. It is also worth bearing in mind that the GW stamp on a ring means ‘gross weight’, which tells you the weight of the diamond or other gem.

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Engagement ring with Solitaire and Halo made of small diamonds  - In a Halo engagement ring the diamond looks bigger than it is.

What makes the ideal engagement ring?

As beautiful as a large engagement ring may be, the emotional value of such a ring is much more important. It is the ring that is inseparably linked to the proposal, one of the most moving and important moments in a couple’s life.

It is crucial that the design of the engagement ring pleases, fits the finger well and meets your own expectations. The size of the engagement ring is the decisive criterion only for very few women.

How can I make the engagement ring look bigger?

The solution is the Halo engagement ring, in which one or more circles of small diamonds surround the central stone, comparable to the halo that is visible at night when looking at the moon, for example.
A Halo ring makes the diamond look bigger.
Especially from a distance the lines between the diamond in the middle and its halo of smaller stones become blurred. This results in much effect and at the same time it is less expensive than having one large diamond as the only gemstone in the engagement ring.

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