• Which popular engagement ring suits her?
  • How do I make her engagement ring more personal?

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes. How do you choose the right one for your fiancé? Discover the different types of rings and choose the one that suits her best. You can’t find the right ring immediately? Search for inspiration in the enormous collection of online jewellers. 

Which popular engagement ring suits her?

Trendy with halo

It’s trendy because the halo is very easy to personalize. This popular ring is number three of the most sold types, but it’s the trendiest one. He’s a statement as well as a symbol of love. The little stones make the main stone look bigger.

It’s the right style because the halo comes in all forms and sizes. The engagement ring can go from a sleek design to a more vintage atmosphere.

All-round with trilogy

It’s all-round because less is more. With the solid band and three adjacent stones, the trilogy is always classy. You can get three stones with the same size or make the central stone stand out.

It’s the right style because she can wear it on its own or in combination with other jewels. The trilogy goes with every style and every occasion. Even in combination with other colour, the ring will look stunning. The three stones can also be used in different designs by placing the stones differently.

Timeless with solitaire

It’s timeless because the solitaire has been the most popular design for many years. That one central stone goes on a solid, often white gold, band, which is a classic combination that never goes out of style.

It’s the right style because the solitaire is the perfect addition to any other jewel. The classic style can have countless adjustments. Sleek and modern? Vintage? With a different cut or alternative colour, you can create the right style.

How do I make her engagement ring more personal?

Trendy halo

It’s personal because this design makes it easy to personalise everything. For instance, you can use her birthstone as central stone. Or maybe you can add your own investment diamonds?

You want to know what suits your future bride best? Go snoop in her jewellery box and find out what she likes. This way you can choose colours that match with her other jewels so that she can always wear her statement.

All-round trilogy

Just like the halo, the trilogy has a central stone that could get a special meaning. You could also choose an alternative colour for the precious metal to make it a bit more special without it being too much.

Timeless solitaire

The design of a solitaire allows more personalized touches than the other types. You can have the exterior engraved with a meaningful shape, or choose a light-coloured diamond.

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