The engagement ring should be as unique as your relationship? Then a truly unique piece that only exists once in the world is the best choice. We'll show you how to find the perfect engagement ring for your beloved.


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    How do you create a truly unique engagement ring?

    Each handmade engagement ring is unique and even if the design is the same, there are always some differences in the way how it’s crafted. However, these differences are only noticeable on closer inspection. In addition, each diamond is an absolutely unique, a miracle of nature and has its own individual characteristics and no two diamonds are exactly alike.

    If you are looking for a special one-off piece that nobody else has and that really stands out, there are several options. The first one is an original antique engagement ring that you can bid find in an auction house, for example. Old engagement rings have their own charm, but also certain disadvantages; the cut of the diamond(s) is usually different from the current state of craftsmanship. The Old European Cut is beautiful, but when compared to a modern brilliant cut, the fire and sparkle of the diamond are a lot less.

    A custom-made engagement ring by BAUNAT - This luxurious engagement ring is a true single piece
    The second option to get an individual and special engagement ring is to buy a vintage engagement ring. This is a ring, designed according to an old pattern but manufactured with modern techniques and set with a contemporary cut diamond.

    Third option, you could have your ring designed and crafted entirely according to your own vision and ideas. A custom made ring is different from the standard ring configurations which will only allow you to combine a few elements in order to create a personalised ring. A tailor-made ring is truly unique.  

    The path from the initial idea to the final product, the engagement ring

    To create your own engagement ring with the help of an experienced jewellery designer, you don’t need any previous experience with design or materials. The most important part is to have a specific idea and vision of what your engagement ring should look like.

    Visual ideas could be gathered from drawings or photographs and are very helpful. The better you can describe your idea of what you like and what you don’t, the easier it will be to match your vision to the final prototype of the ring. 

    As soon as the finished design of the ring is ready and has been approved by you, the jeweller will start working on your unique engagement ring. Such an exclusive ring costs a little more than an off-the-shelf engagement ring, but you can be sure that this is a ring that no one else has.

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    A special diamond for a unique engagement ring

    Engagement ring single piece with pink diamond - An exclusive engagement ring with pink diamond in drop shape
    Do you prefer a simple, discreet look, maybe even a minimalist design? Then you should focus less on the design of the ring and more on the diamond itself.

    Also, you might want to consider the unusual cuts such as the pear cut or the heart-shaped diamond which will offer you a wide range of possibilities for an absolutely unique engagement ring.
    Perhaps you would even consider a coloured diamond? These extremely rare variants of diamonds cost considerably more than their colourless counterparts. Diamonds such as pink, red and blue are extremely scarce, while yellow and brown diamonds are more common. Did you know that only about 0.1%, or one thousandth of all diamonds used in jewellery production are coloured diamonds? Often these very special diamonds are only found in a few places in the world and in the case of certain colours, in one single mine worldwide.

    Are you looking for a unique engagement ring and do you need help choosing the design and the diamonds? BAUNAT’s team of experts will be happy to advise you and looks forward to hearing from you.

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