• What type engagement ring do I choose for her?
  • What do the different ring types mean?
  • Where can I find her perfect ring?

The engagement ring for your future bride must fit in perfectly with her style and your relationship. This way, she will wear it on a daily basis. What are the trendiest engagement rings? What are the classics? How do you choose the engagement ring she wants? Which valuable jeweldo you choose best? You will discover it here.

What type engagement ring do I choose for her?

What’s a solitaire?

Classic and timeless with the solitaire, you opt for purity and clarity. The stability of the clear stone as a centre of the engagement ring is perfect for your relationship.

You can personalize the ring by choosing a stone or precious metal in her favourite colour. A pastel-coloured stone does not stand out, but will mean a lot to her. This way you show that you really know her.

What’s a trilogy?

Special and mysterious with the hidden talents of the trilogy. The three stones next to each other are very simple at first sight. But that is misleading. An ideal ring to give subtle personal touches that surprise everyone.

With a meaningful stone in the middle or a hidden engraving the ring gets an extra dimension without exaggerating. She will always be able to wear her surprising and simple ring

What’s a halo?

Striking and special is completely the halo ring design. The statement ring carries a larger stone surrounded by smaller ones. This makes the central stone even more striking. The halo always feels unique. It can be personalized in every conceivable way. Combine other colours of stone or precious metal, birthstones with gems, own investment diamonds. The list is endless. You mix and match until you have the perfect ring for her. She has never seen anything like this.

What do the different ring types mean?

Stable solitaire

The solitaire is perfect for her because she can rely on her ring, just like on your relationship. The timeless classic fits perfectly with her and everything she does. Just like you.

Surprising trilogy

Perfect for her because the ring is more than what he looks like on first sight. Easy to combine with other jewels while always being present and wearable enough to wear alone.

Unique halo

The halo suits her because she’s not afraid to stand out and make a statement. Just like her personality, her engagement ring is out there and the centre of attention.

Where can I find her perfect ring?

Just like the most of your purchases these days, you look online. No busy jewellery stores. Only pay attention to what counts: her moment.

You’ve found the ideal ring that suits her perfectly? Buy and personalize it at BAUNAT and surprise her with the perfect engagement ring.


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