• How do I design my own engagement ring?
  • What does the production process entail and when do I receive the finished ring?
  • What other valuable pieces can be used to design your own engagement ring?

Do you have an original proposal in mind? If so, you will need an original engagement ring! But what is original nowadays? Where can you buy an engagement ring that no other woman in the world has on her finger? There's no better way of surprising her than with a unique design for her engagement ring you have come up with yourself. We are delighted to help you get started.

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How do you design your own ring?

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task. Even with experts' tips it's a huge challenge to find the perfect ring to present your partner with. A bespoke ring? That entails its own particular challenges. These tips on how to design your own engagement ring will certainly get you off to a flying start.

Tip 1: Give yourself plenty of time

Tailor made ring by BAUNAT
A unique design can be complex, and as such, time-consuming.  So, make sure you go to the diamond expert in time, to ensure the tailor-made engagement ring will definitely be ready before the big day. You see, you first need to perfect your design together, but there is more to it than that.  The following tips guide you smoothly through the process, resulting in the perfect, tailor made engagement ring before you know it.

Tip 2: Do your research

Bringing drawings, photos and items you find online to show to your jeweller will suffice. You will of course have to flesh out the details. Spend time considering the desired shape and style of the diamond(s), as they determine the ring's appearance.  If you can, choose a diamond shape that reflects her personality and preferred style. Classic types usually opt for a brilliant shape, whereas creative types prefer an oval diamond. Also consider whether you would like several diamonds.  Or, perhaps the idea of coloured diamonds or precious stones appeals to you?
Woman with BAUNAT pink pear cut diamond ring uses her Smartphone

Precious metals

Whilst doing your research don't forget to ascertain your partner's personal preference. Nowadays many people use a Pinterest board or even an Instagram account where they can save engagement ring designs they have found and like.  You could take a sneaky peek without arousing your partner's suspicion.
Red gold tailor made vintage ring by BAUNAT with an emerald cut diamond

Precious metals

Important tip: quality is paramount. 18 karat gold, irrespective of the alloy colour, is always advised.  This is the highest possible standard for jewellery.  A higher carat is too soft and damages easily.  Is your fiancée sensitive to jewellery? If so, opt for hypoallergenic 950 platinum, a precious metal that is even rarer and more sustainable than gold, so also a little more expensive.
Women who say they don't love diamonds, are women who do not own diamonds.
When designing her engagement ring yourself together with BAUNAT, precious stones such as emerald are also an option.

Precious stones

A stone with minimum H colour and SI1 clarity is the recommended choice for the diamond.  For this, take a look at the 4C’s. As far as the carat weight is concerned, you are probably best off first deciding whether you want to design an engagement ring with 1 diamond, with 2 diamonds, with 3 diamonds or more. Or, perhaps you would prefer coloured diamonds or precious stones? The choice is yours.

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What if you prefer an engagement ring without diamonds?

Never an engagement ring without a precious stone! But if you would prefer to design an engagement ring without diamonds, there are other alternatives. Why not choose a different impressive precious stone, such as ruby, sapphire or emerald? All are magnificent stones, each with their distinctive colour and symbolism.  For example, among others, the sapphire and ruby symbolise loyalty, whilst the green emerald represents luck.
Tailor made red gold and emerald vintage ring by BAUNAT
By combining red gold with a green emerald you create a truly vintage engagement ring.
By combining red gold with a green emerald you create a truly vintage engagement ring.  In contrast, the combination of white gold or platinum with a blue sapphire has something regal and timeless about it. Lady Di's engagement ring that now rests on Kate Middleton's finger springs immediately to mind.

Tip 3: Find out her ring size in plenty of time

By now you have discovered her favourite ring designs, have selected the perfect materials and have made an appointment with your jeweller in plenty of time.  All you now have left to do before the production process begins is to ascertain her ring size.
Example of a 3D design by BAUNAT

What does the production process of a personally designed engagement ring entail?

The process starts with a realistic 3D model of the final result.  Following your approval of the 3D model, experienced craftspeople will get to work using traditional methods. The final result is unique! Would you like to add a personal message to your design? If so, have her engagement ring engraved.

What if you would prefer to have an existing design personalised?

When designing her engagement ring it certainly needn't be started entirely from scratch.  If your eye happens to fall upon a stunning style from the existing collection of engagement rings, you can have the ring fully adjusted to your or her taste and preference.  You could, for example, alter the size or cut of the diamonds, enhance their quality or (as previously suggested) replace them with other precious stones.

This clip shows you how can have tailor made jewellery made

Are you looking for the right engagement ring? Be sure to browse the BAUNAT collection of engagement rings.  Or do you still have questions about tailor made jewellery? Please get in touch with our experts for bespoke advice.

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When can I expect my tailor made engagement ring?

Designing an engagement ring based on an existing style.  For that too you can opt for BAUNAT's tailor made service.
Should you choose to design her engagement ring yourself you will be kept up-to-date of its progress every step of the way.  You will be consistently involved with your design. And after approximately 5 weeks it will be ready to be put on her finger.

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