An engagement is a big and joyful step in life. To make it perfect, you should think in advance about when, where and in what setting the proposal should take place. We have put together a few ideas and suggestions for your engagement.

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    How far in advance should I plan the engagement?

    How much time you need from the idea to the realisation of the engagement essentially depends on the festive setting you wish to have. For example a romantic dinner for two or a nice excursion are relatively easy to organise. If you prefer a romantic place far away or want to plan a big engagement party, this involves more effort.

    Most couples get engaged in a simple private setting, without an engagement party, and in a place that is important to both of them - even if it’s just their own apartment. Hiking enthusiasts may opt for a mountain peak and globetrotters for an exotic beach or dinner in an exclusive restaurant.
    Idea for an engagement ring from BAUNAT - A white gold pavé solitaire engagement ring
    But firstly, let’s look at the most important thing which is the right engagement ring. A popular choice for this occasion is a diamond ring with one or more stones in yellow or white gold. By far the most popular option is the solitaire engagement ring with a striking single diamond.

    Keep in mind that it can take some time to find the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. If you are buying the ring online, take into consideration the production process and shipping time.

    It is best to get the ring first and then start planning your proposal. The right size plays an important role here, and you can discreetly determine it with simple tricks.

    Ideen für den passenden Ort zur Verlobung

    Don't be afraid to propose at home in your familiar surroundings. Romance can be created in your own home and an engagement is a very exciting event that most of us don't want to have spectators or listeners at. It may not be the most innovative engagement idea but with the right setting could be transformed into an unforgettable event.

    Another classic idea is a visit to your favourite restaurant, whether you opt for brunch on the sun terrace or a candle light dinner. Many restaurants also offer separate rooms for such occasions or have special engagement offers.

    Do you like to travel? Then a proposal on the beach or a weekend in Paris, the city of love, could be the right choice. Adventurous people could also use a dive in a breath-taking reef or a helicopter flight as an occasion.

    The most important thing here is to be yourself. There are countless engagement ideas. Most important is that you and your future fiancée feel comfortable. Don't be afraid, with the perfect engagement ring, hardly anything can go wrong anyway.

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    Idea for an engagement ring from BAUNAT - A white gold pavé solitaire engagement ring

    How do I propose?

    New ideas for an engagement are exciting, and yet most women prefer the classic proposal with the male partner traditionally  going down on his knees when putting on the engagement ring. This is indeed very traditional, but sometimes traditions are just too good to break with.
    Choosing the right words for this special moment might be overwhelming so it’s a nice idea to prepare a short speech. The text could contain a brief explanation about your feelings towards your partner or memories of your first date or any significant moment in the relationship. If you are not good with speeches, just let the ring speak and simply add “Will you be my wife?” “Will you marry me?”

    Would you like to buy an engagement ring and get advice on your choice from our diamond jewellery experts? The BAUNAT team is at your disposal and looks forward to hearing from you.

    What else would you like to know about our engagement rings?

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