• What is the highest price offered for diamonds?
  • What is the most expensive red ruby ever?
  • Who offers the highest price for gems?

It regularly rains records at international auctions, especially when it comes to diamonds and other gems. Although especially rare coloured diamonds go under the hammer for monstrous amounts, coloured gems should not be seen as inferior. What high price is offered for diamonds and gems? You will discover that here!

What is the highest price offered for diamonds?

The price for diamonds can be enormously high. For example, in 2014, a record amount of $ 83 million was offered for the enormous 'Pink Star'. This gemstone is the largest pink diamond in the world and simultaneously has the highest possible quality in clarity and colour. However, because the buyer could not manage the bid amount, the auction house took back the stone.

In 2017, the diamond was up for sale again at an auction in Hong Kong. Jeweller Chow Tai Fook from Hong Kong offered $ 71.2 million for it. The highest price ever paid for diamonds!

What is the most expensive red ruby ​​ever?

Not only is the price for diamonds increasing, astronomical amounts are often also offered for gems. The Burmese Sunrise Ruby, a ruby ​​weighing 25.59 carats, was sold at Sotheby's Geneva for $ 30.3 million a few years ago. It is the highest price ever paid for a ruby​, as well as the highest price per carat.

This exceptionally large ruby ​​has a very intense blood-red colour and is considered the world's finest red gem.

Who offers the highest price for gems?

Although buyers often wish to remain anonymous, we can say that gems are conquering the Asian market. Especially coloured diamonds and gems are very popular. Even for men. The more intense the colour and the greater the brilliance, the better! There is also a strong suspicion that the Burmese Sunrise Ruby seduced an Asian buyer.

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