What is a unique engagement ring? If "unique" is the opposite of "classic", then a non-diamond engagement ring would certainly be unique, as would luxury or unusual rings, rings with two or three stones, matching rings, and bespoke and/or imaginative designs. The options are endless. BAUNAT explains the key trends below.

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Luxury engagement rings

Before you start shopping for an engagement ring, you should set a budget and try to stick to it as close as possible. However, if your budget allows you to stretch, is worth considering buying an engagement ring that has a completely unique precious stone.
Prices for these stones can vary, reaching thousands to millions of euros. Interested in adding a unique stone to create a highly personal engagement ring for your soulmate? Special sales are arranged for rare diamonds and stones and you can also get inspiration from some of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Unusual engagement rings

It's also perfectly possible to be original with a smaller budget. If your beloved has an individual style, then why not consider a more special ring design? Perhaps a different ring shape? A reminder of a special aspect of your relationship? A personal message engraved into the ring? Let your imagination run wild!

Stone choice can also make an engagement ring more unique. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies (if you want a brighter colour) don't have to be expensive.

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Multi-stone engagement rings

Engagement rings with multiple precious stones are another fresh and popular trend. You're guaranteed an original design! Two-stone rings are nicely symbolic and particularly elegant. You can also choose the stones yourself: perhaps two diamonds, a diamond and an emerald, a sapphire and a diamond...? It's up to you, but do think about the future bride's favourite colours.

Two is good, but is three better? Three-stone rings are also possible!

Tailor made engagement rings

If you already have a clear idea about the engagement ring you want, you can have it tailor-made to match your specific requirements. Put together your ideas, photos of rings which you like or are similar to what you're looking for (even add a design for your dream ring), and then contact BAUNAT’s experts, who will support you throughout the process of creating your custom ring.

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Take things further

An engagement ring is a very personal item. The articles below will explain aspects of an individual engagement ring to help you with your research and making your decision.

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