Are you looking for a very special engagement ring? Having a ring made is one option, but a finished design also offers many possibilities for personalisation. Find out what your options are.

    Have your engagement ring made by BAUNAT in Antwerp

    A tailor made or personalised engagement ring?

    With a tailor made ring, you decide every detail yourself, from the actual design and shape of the ring to the gemstones used and the setting of the stones.

    The advantages are obvious; you have full control over what your engagement ring should look like and it will exactly match your expectations. However, this option requires precise ideas or templates of what you want your dream engagement ring to look like. In addition, a custom made engagement ring is slightly more expensive than a finished design due to the extra work involved.
    Manufacture of an engagement ring by BAUNAT  - Insight into the manufacture of an engagement ring
    If you like the design of a particular engagement ring, there are many ways to completely customise that engagement ring, even without having to design it from scratch. Each diamond is unique, and depending on its size, colour and clarity, it can look very different in the same ring. You can also use an engraving to give the ring a unique touch and make it your personal engagement ring. This option is easier and cheaper, and yet you get a unique ring.

    How are engagement rings manufactured?

    To have an engagement ring made according to your wishes, no special knowledge is required. Professional jewellery designers and jewellers know how to realise your ideas and what is possible within a certain budget.

    In the first step, it is important that you have as detailed an idea as possible of your dream ring. Think about what details should distinguish your ring from others. Drawings, photos, sketches and anything that gives a good overview of your preferred design are particularly helpful. Much is feasible, but there are also limits to what can be handcrafted.

    As soon as it is clear what the ring should look like, which gemstones should be used and how they should be set in the ring, you will receive a quotation. If you approve it, the ring will be designed as a 3D model with professional software and will then be handmade for you.

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    Why have an engagement ring made in Antwerp?

    In the past, people used to go to their local jeweller and have a ring made, in keeping with the saying "Why seek far afield when the good is close by?". Today, this only applies to a limited extent, because as nice as direct contact in the jewellery store may be, ordering the engagement ring online and having it made in Antwerp offers you many advantages.

    Antwerp has long been the centre of the global diamond trade. The city's legendary diamond district is home to several of the world's largest diamond exchanges. Here, purchases are made directly from the source, and without expensive middlemen. Nowhere else in the world will you find so much concentrated gemstone expertise, talented goldsmiths, diamond cutters, jewellery designers and jewellers who have often been practising their craft for many generations.

    Engagement ring with a first drawing as a design - An engagement ring and a first draft for the ring manufacture
    Having your engagement ring made in Antwerp means that you not only benefit from lots of experience and great craftsmanship, but also from incomparably low prices. This is an advantage that can save you a considerable amount of money, especially with a custom-made ring in a higher price range.

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