For many men, buying an engagement ring is a long process. Many hours of research go by before they find the perfect ring for the wedding proposal. Some lose the overview. For them, we have 5 (timeless) engagement ring tips. 

1. The brilliant solitaire with a 6-prongs setting

When it comes to an engagement ring, most people think of a brilliant solitaire. Every woman finds such ring beautiful. The bigger the brilliant, the more prongs needed to keep it securely in place. The 6 prongs-setting, the so called prong setting, looks very luxurious.

2. The solitaire ring with a 4-prongs setting

A smaller diamond requires less prongs. This doesn’t mean that this solitaire engagement ring has less appeal. It is not always the size that counts. Some women prefer a simple ring, so they can wear it every day.

3. The princess cut

The solitaire engagement ring set with princess cut diamonds is getting more popular. The beautiful square shape of the princess cut  looks modern and is a perfect alternative to the classic brilliant.

4. Add extra diamonds

By adding extra diamonds you will increase the brilliance. Besides that, the central stone will look larger, so the engagement ring will get a luxurious look. Here you can think of a trilogy engagement ring , a beautiful of example of timeless elegance.

5. The halo ring

A model which is increasingly chosen is the halo engagement ring. For this setting, is the central diamond completely surrounded by smaller stones. By the reflection of light, it looks like we are dealing with one big diamond.

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a well-considered decision. The ring has to be perfect. Can you use some extra help? Do not hesitate to contact us. Take another look at our extensive collection.

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