Although it is a wonderful adventure that is about to begin, it may seem daunting for some to find the one engagement ring that perfectly reflects your feelings towards your partner. There’s a myriad of designs to choose from, different metal colours, a variety of stones and styles, so how do you pick the engagement ring that will make your partner’s eyes sparkle? Here’s a selection of designs and options that are increasingly popular for 2nd engagements.

  • Simplicity
  • Colour
  • Personalisation


It seems that when couples get engaged for the 2nd time, they have a different approach to the whole adventure. They seem to have a softer and more thoughtful approach and that is where simpler designs seem to be the design of choice.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the ring is cheaper or the diamond smaller, it means that people tend to choose a ring which is more quality oriented, where the centre stone may be a higher quality stone and the design more simple to enhance the beauty of the stone like a solitaire or a trilogy ring.

It’s a design that doesn’t boast on bling and ornaments, its more subtle, elegant and sophisticated. This is also when coloured gemstones come in, to give the design a more colourful and personal side to it.


Colour seems to be more and more prominent among 2nd marriages as people are less conventional and their tastes have matured.

The types of coloured gemstones that are chosen, range from stunning fancy coloured diamonds, such as some sunshine like Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid Yellows, the very sought after Pink diamonds or the warm Champagne coloured brownish diamonds. Then there’s what we could call the royal gemstones: the Emerald, the Ruby and the Sapphire.

Coloured stones have become increasingly popular over the past years because they offer more colour than white stones, because they could represent a person’s favourite colour or type of personality.


After colour, what seems to be increasingly popular is personalising a design making it unique to you and your partner.

Personalisation is practical because it can be done on practically any design and can comprise from simple lettering and dates being engraved inside a ring, to more detailed engraving and detailing of ornaments such as flowers or shapes on the outside of the ring. This possibility will of course depend on the exact ring design and width.

BAUNAT offers such personalisation services as well, with a team of goldsmiths that work locally in Belgium to provide you with the best craftsmanship ever. Furthermore, BAUNAT offers a comprehensive collection of simple and elegant designs set with diamonds and/or gemstones.

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