It's essential to consider the shape of the diamond when it comes to choosing the engagement ring for that special someone. Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, and each shape has its own special qualities and characteristics. BAUNAT is presenting a classic shape here that has remained the epitome of elegance over the years: the round diamond.

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Round diamond: symmetrical and brilliant

The round diamond's timeless appeal comes mainly from its traditional character, and its symmetry. A round diamond may be a classic cut, but it will always remain pleasing to the eye, which is also an important factor for a piece of jewellery that is kept for life, such as an engagement ring. 

The diamond's symmetrical, round shape and its proportions help the cutter maximise the diamond's shine and brilliance, for optimal sparkle on your loved one's finger.

Tradition and popularity

Round diamonds are by far the most popular and coveted form of diamond in today's jewellery sector. In fact, round diamonds set the traditional standard for all diamond cuts. 

A round diamond also allows for greater flexibility in terms of cut qualitycolour and clarity. It also is the best way to help you set the desired brilliance for the diamond in your engagement ring.

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The price of an engagement ring with a round diamond

The price of a round diamond ring depends on many factors. This means some models are therefore not very expensive, and others are much more expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable ring, you should consider a carat weight of around 0.30 carat.

Above all, you have to find the right balance between your initial budget and the round diamond you want set in the ring. Keep in mind that there's a wide range, so you will always find the engagement ring you really want!

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What other diamond shapes are there?

The princess cut, with its square or rectangle shape, is the most popular diamond shape, after the round cut. Oval-shaped diamonds are close to being round, and have a very large surface area, and the kind of brilliance that has made this cut a benchmark.

An item of jewellery with an oval diamond is also especially prized for its symmetry and elegance. It is also commonly used for the engagement rings of celebrities and members of royal families.
Modern techniques also mean you can now explore other forms of jewellery, including pear-shapedheart-shapedmarquise and cushion cuts, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have a particular engagement ring idea in mind and are you looking to buy a round diamond engagement ring? BAUNAT's experts are at your disposal for personalised advice and to help you create your own custom item of jewellery.

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The shape of the diamond in the engagement ring you want to give your future spouse is important, but it's not the only factor. The various articles below will inform you more about the various elements you should take into account if you want to choose just the right engagement ring.

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