Are you looking for a unique engagement ring that's just a tad more special? Then go for an engagement ring with a coloured precious stone instead of a classic diamond. At BAUNAT, you are sure to find something to your liking in our range of precious stone engagement rings.

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Ruby engagement ring

What is a precious stone?

Precious stones are minerals that are distinguished from other stones by their beauty, durability and rarity. The most famous precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Diamonds are the hardest and also the most popular precious stone for an engagement ring. Diamonds can be both white and coloured, but a ruby always has a typical red colour, a sapphire is generally blue and an emerald green. However, there are also pink, yellow and green sapphires.

Does a precious stone fit in an engagement ring?

The classic engagement ring is a yellow gold ring with a solitaire diamond. If you are looking for something special and more unique, you can opt for an engagement ring with a precious stone. These bright precious stones make your engagement ring a true statement ring. Always take your partner's personality and taste into account in your choice, as it is a striking piece of jewellery.

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A precious stone instead of a diamond

In a sober ring with a solitary stone, a colourful precious stone can add just that tad of extra elegance. Moreover, each gem stone also has its own meaning that can symbolise your relationship with your fiancée.

Blue sapphires have a refined look and has been the preferred choice of kings and queens for centuries. So your fiancée will feel like royalty with a sapphire engagement ring on her finger.

Red rubies are very rare and were therefore also popular with various royals. The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed rubies possessed powers that allowed wounds to heal more quickly. That's why they incorporated the stone in their combat gear. As a result, the ruby is still associated with courage and combativeness, as well as with passion and fire. Although you can also give a ruby ring as a gift for your 35th or 40th wedding anniversary, being the ruby wedding anniversary.
Emerald engagement ring
In the 1960s, U.S. President Kennedy proposed to his fiancée Jackie Onassis with an emerald engagement ring. In terms of quality of style, that may count. An emerald is typically a lot lighter and more transparent than sapphires or rubies. The precious stone has a certain 'tone', from very light green to dark green.

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An emerald is often cut in an emerald cut because this cut reinforces the rich colour of the precious stone. The emerald symbolises power, immortality and eternal youth. In ancient times, it was believed that the emerald had healing powers for skin problems. With the Ancient Greeks, the green stone was a symbol of truthfulness and eloquence. An emerald ring is also suitable as a gift for your 55th or emerald wedding anniversary.
Diamond and sapphire engagement ring

Combining precious stones with diamonds

If you still want to use a diamond in her engagement ring, but you would like to add some colour, choose to combine a diamond with other precious stones.

A good example is an engagement ring in a halo setting where you add a circle of small diamonds around the precious stone. In a trilogy ring, you can have a central diamond flanked perfectly by two coloured precious stones. This simple combination has a very elegant look.
Rubies, for example, are a perfect match for diamonds. The brilliance of the diamond accentuates the ruby's colour, especially if you opt for a platinum or white gold engagement ring.
Coloured stone engagement ring

Which precious stone suits her?

To find the perfect precious stone for your fiancée, look at the properties of each stone. Which precious stone suits her character and personality best? Does she have any other jewellery with precious stones? Then use matching precious stones. Chances are she'll really like it.
You should also look at her colour type. In general, every skin tone has a cool, warm or neutral undertone. You can find your tone by looking at your veins. If those are rather blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If they are green, you have a warm undertone. If it isn't completely clear and your veins are blue-green, your skin has a neutral undertone..

You can also find out if you are more likely to stand with cool or warm tones based on your hair and eye colour. People with a warm undertone do very well with warm colours such as the deep red of a ruby or a dark emerald. People with a cool undertone should rather go for a blue sapphire or a light green emerald.

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