Cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, are larger than regular fashion rings, and usually showcase an oversized gem or diamond. Some also include a large metal motif.

Cocktail rings are all about expressing style and personality.

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The History of Cocktail Rings

The cocktail ring fashion started in the US in the 1920s – a booming decade that birthed feminism and the Prohibition Law that made alcohol illegal.
Rebellious flapper girls of the time used to turn up at illicit parties wearing showy dresses and jewellery. They would raise their right hand at the bar and flash the bartender a large ring, which was a secret signal for ordering alcoholic drinks.

That is where the name “cocktail ring” comes from and the reason why they are usually worn on the right hand. But there are no rules against wearing them on the left hand, or to wear many rings at a time.

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Can I Wear a Cocktail Ring As My Engagement Ring?

There are no rules against wearing cocktail rings as engagement rings. If you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your colourful personality, a cocktail ring is the perfect engagement ring choice.

Cocktail rings are worn to make a statement, and what is more worthy of that than an engagement?

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Find Your Style With BAUNAT

If you have a specific design in mind, BAUNAT has a skilled team of jewellery experts that will happily help you design your engagement ring from ring measure to final finish. Try our tailor-made service to get the ring you want.

Frequently asked Questions

Engagement ring which hand/engagement ring which hand Muslim/engagement ring which hand Christian

The engagement ring: on which hand do I wear it? The engagement ring: on which hand do I wear it as a Muslim? The engagement ring: on which hand do I wear it as a Christian?

In most cultures, people wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger. As a Christian, you can also wear the engagement ring on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right hand. In countries of the Islam culture, the hand on which rings are worn varies from country to country. Jordan Muslims wear their wedding ring on the right hand, but in Iran people choose the left hand. 

Can you buy an engagement ring without knowing the size? Tips on measuring for an engagement ring.

  • How can I secretly measure their ring size?
  • How do I go about measuring my loved one’s finger?
  • When is the best time to take their measurements?

Buying a diamond or gold engagement ring is a beautiful way of showing your love, but it is no mean feat. Even if you know which rings they love and have decided on a detailed design, you still need to figure out your loved one’s ring size. Can you buy an engagement ring without knowing the size? Unfortunately not, but there are ways you can measure their ring size without them noticing!


How can I secretly measure their ring size?

What if you would like to surprise your intended with a gold or diamond engagement ring? Can you buy one without knowing the size? How can you buy a diamond ring as an investment that fits them like a glove as well? There are various ways to find out their ring size in secret. The best way is to borrow a ring from their jewellery box that you are sure fits them perfectly (making sure that they wear it on the right finger!). Place it on a piece of paper and trace the inside of the ring with a pencil. Using a ruler, you can then measure the diameter. With this approach, there is a bit of a margin of error; it is often difficult to determine the widest point of the circle, as a ring is seldom perfectly round.

How do I go about measuring my loved one’s finger?

Do they know you are planning to buy them a new ring? This makes matters a lot easier and means you do not have to buy an engagement ring without knowing the size. You can measure their finger easily using BAUNAT’s free synthetic ring sizer or by downloading our paper version. This method results in a reliable measurement, and you will be sure you are using the correct measurement unit. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your measurements, you can always have the ring size measured professionally at BAUNAT.

You do not buy a gold or diamond ring every day. With a professional measurement, your ring will undoubtedly be the ideal size.

When is the best time to take their measurements?

We have established you cannot really buy an engagement ring without knowing the size. But when should you measure their finger? Which time of day is perfect for a professional measurement? It is best to measure the finger’s circumference in the evening. By the end of the day, their fingers will be warmer, resulting in a larger circumference than at other moments. The difference may not be visible to the naked eye, but it will make a difference regarding ring size.

Now you know that you cannot do it without knowing the size, how can you buy the perfect gold engagement ring for them? Which diamond ring will suit their style? Discover BAUNAT’s extensive collection or contact our diamond experts for a tailor-made jewel

What different styles of diamond engagement ring settings does BAUNAT offer?

For engagement rings, different types of settings are possible. You can find BAUNAT’s most used ones below:
    1. The solitaire prong setting has one single diamond held in place by prongs, so it catches the most light.
    2. The pavé setting positions many diamonds in a row so closely that hardly any metal is visible, resulting in a brilliant shine.
    3. Channel setting is a method where diamonds are suspended between two rails of metal, called channels.
    4. The bezel setting is a traditional, labour-intensive technique where the metal surrounds the diamond and forms a frame around the stone.

    1. The Prong setting

    The solitaire prong setting has one single diamond that acts as the centrepiece of the ring. Claws position the centre diamond so it catches the most light. BAUNAT diamond engagement rings either have four or six claws. A setting with four claws makes the diamond appear more square-like while one with six claws makes it appear more round.

    The name ‘prong setting’ refers to the so-called ‘claws’. The prong setting is most commonly used for engagement rings worldwide. This setting is also suitable for almost all shapes of diamonds.

    The claws can be very thin or wider and can be finished in a round, square, or pointed shape. This depends on the design of the jewel and the style of each goldsmith.

    Order this white gold prong setting engagement ring today.

    The advantages of the prong setting:

    - The diamond catches the most light
    - The prongs are small, therefore a larger part of the diamond is visible
    - The diamond in the ring is easy to clean
    - Claws in white gold or platinum are barely visible on the white diamond 


    2. The pavé setting

    The term 'pavé setting' comes from the French language and translates as ‘paved’. The individual small diamonds in a pavé diamond ring resemble tiny paving stones, hence the name. In an engagement ring with a pavé setting, small diamonds are placed next to each other and fixed with small prongs that look like beads. These claws are worked out directly from the gathering point of the metal. This way, hardly any metal is visible.

    The advantages of pavé setting:

    - The many small prongs make the diamonds sparkle, although only small diamonds are used
    - The price of a ring with many smaller stones is considerably lower than a ring set with one big diamond


    3. The Channel setting

    Channel setting is a method where diamonds are suspended between two rails of metal, called channels. The diamond is put in place, and the metal on top is pushed down, tightening the diamond.

    This way, we create a continuous line of diamonds.

    Channel settings, together with pave settings, are commonly used for diamond alliance rings and wedding bands. At BAUNAT, most of our designs with channel settings have princess-cut diamonds, but we can also use round or baguette diamonds (tailor-made).

    Discover this channel set round diamond engagement ring.

    The advantages of the channel setting

    - Because the diamonds are placed next to each other, it gives the impression of continuous brilliance
    - The surface is very smooth
    - These rings can be combined with other ring designs easily


    4. The Bezel setting

    The bezel setting is a traditional, very labour-intensive goldsmith technique. The metal surrounds the diamond and forms a frame around the stone. There is another precious metal strip (frame), which supports the diamond in the socket. The bezel engagement ring setting is particularly well suited for round cut (brilliant) or oval diamonds.

    The advantages of the bezel setting

    - Because of the border of the precious metal, the diamond is protected against damage
    - The bezel is open at the bottom, creating a higher radiance and more fire
    - Because of the metal surrounding the diamond, it will appear larger than it actually is
    - Because of the fact that there are no prongs, this setting will not get stuck behind any clothing

    Choose your favorite setting with your BAUNAT ring.

    These are the most common setting methods. Of course, BAUNAT can also offer other types of settings in her tailor-made jewellery. Please contact in case you are interested in a tailor-made jewel with a different diamond setting.

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