Cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, are larger than regular fashion rings, and usually showcase an oversized gem or diamond. Some also include a large metal motif.

Cocktail rings are all about expressing style and personality.

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Sapphire ring BAUNAT

The History of Cocktail Rings

The cocktail ring fashion started in the US in the 1920s – a booming decade that birthed feminism and the Prohibition Law that made alcohol illegal.
Rebellious flapper girls of the time used to turn up at illicit parties wearing showy dresses and jewellery. They would raise their right hand at the bar and flash the bartender a large ring, which was a secret signal for ordering alcoholic drinks.

That is where the name “cocktail ring” comes from and the reason why they are usually worn on the right hand. But there are no rules against wearing them on the left hand, or to wear many rings at a time.

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Cocktail ring with yellow diamond

Can I Wear a Cocktail Ring As My Engagement Ring?

There are no rules against wearing cocktail rings as engagement rings. If you want to stand out from the crowd and show off your colourful personality, a cocktail ring is the perfect engagement ring choice.

Cocktail rings are worn to make a statement, and what is more worthy of that than an engagement?

Make a statement with this white gold diamond entourage ring with a total of 5 ct

Find Your Style With BAUNAT

If you have a specific design in mind, BAUNAT has a skilled team of jewellery experts that will happily help you design your engagement ring from ring measure to final finish. Try our tailor-made service to get the ring you want.
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