Before buying a diamond engagement ring, men should consider the 4 C´s (carat, clarity, color and cut). The higher the quality of the diamond, the better the appearance. However most men don´t know which ring to buy, could use some extra help for buying the perfect engagement ring to propose their loved ones. Therefore the 4 E´s could be very helpful. 

1. Elan

First of all it´s important to know what your girlfriend likes and what she doesn´t like.

You buy an engagement ring based on her look. Nothing is worse than a ring that doesn´t suit her style and taste. Ask her friends and family, and take a look at her wardrobe and jewelry box, etc. before you visit a jeweler. Extra information is always welcome.

2. Economics

Decide for yourself how much you would like to spend for an engagement ring and do not pass that amount. The higher the quality of a diamond, the higher the price. However you will always find a beautiful diamond ring within your budget.

3. Ethical

A large number of men don´t trust it to buy an engagement ring online. We at BAUNAT strive for 100% satisfaction. At BAUNAT you will only find diamonds of excellent quality: 30 days return policy, GIA certificate and expertise included.

4. Exeanse

When purchasing an engagement ring it´s not always the size of the diamond that counts.

Some women prefer a smaller stone, because it better fits their lifestyle. Others want a diamond engagement ring that shines. Also important that you take the shape of her fingers into account.

Planning to buy a diamond engagement ring, you can contact us for more details. In our extensive collections you will definitely find a beautiful model.

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