Engagement is an important moment in a couple’s life. The ultimate symbol to celebrate this event is probably a diamond ring.

The most popular engagement ring in Europe, and mainly in France, is the solitaire kind of ring. It is usually used to set one stone only. The value of a diamond is determined by four criteria, the so called "4C’s". 

The criteria

The diamond quality is very important because it illustrates the love you feel for your bride. The quality is expressed through color, carat, cut without forgetting clarity.

While choosing your gem, make sure that it respects the Kimberley process. It is an international certification which prohibits the sale of stones from conflict zones.

What kind of ring shall I choose?

There are many engagement ring models. The most famous and popular one is the solitaire, a ring into which a single stone is set in the centre.

The solitaire with small diamonds is accompanied by a setting of small diamonds to optimize the look of the jewel. It is one of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world.

The Trilogy is a ring set with three diamonds of equal size and amazing clarity. Its originality does not leave any woman indifferent.

Which metal shall I choose?

The choice of metal will make your sweetheart’s happiness. Yellow gold, white gold or platinum are the different options.

White gold is a mixture of 75% yellow gold, 25% silver, nickel or zinc. Platinum is 95% pure, which places it in front of gold in terms of purity.

Why buying a ring with prongs?

One of the most used settings in jewelry is the claw setting: the stone is kept by prongs (in platinum or gold).

There are several types, the rounded claw, the triangle shaped claw, square claw, simple claw or double triangular claws etc. The 4-prong setting is the most used because it is discreet, authentic, safe, attractive and allows a beautiful rendering.

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