Getting engaged is a significant moment in a couple’s life. The ultimate symbol to celebrate this event is a diamond engagement ring that perfectly represents the love you have for each other.

The most popular engagement ring in Europe, and mainly in France, is the solitaire ring, usually set with only a single diamond. The so-called "4C’s" determine the value of the diamond. 

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The Criteria

The diamond quality is crucial because it illustrates the love you feel for your bride (or groom, but we find diamonds are more common for women). The 4C’s refer to colour, carat, cut and clarity, and determine quality of your diamond. The higher each category is, the better the quality.

While choosing your gem, make sure that it respects the Kimberley process; an international certification which prohibits the sale of stones from conflict zones.

What Kind of Ring Shall I Choose?

There are many engagement ring models and the solitaire setting remains at the top of the popularity list. A ring with only a single stone set in the centre is classic, simple and elegant and lets the diamond speak for itself.
You can also choose a solitaire stone that’s accompanied by a setting of small diamonds to optimise the jewel’s look. It is considered one of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world.
There’s also the Trilogy ring, which is set with three diamonds of equal size and amazing clarity. Its originality does not leave any woman indifferent.

Which Metal Shall I Choose?

The choice of metal will make your sweetheart’s happiness. Yellow gold, white gold or platinum are the different options.

White gold is a mixture of 75% yellow gold, 25% silver, nickel or zinc. Platinum is 95% pure, which places it in front of gold in terms of purity.

Why Buying a Ring with Prongs?

One of the most popular settings in jewellery is the claw setting, where platinum or gold prongs hold the stone in place.

There are several types of claw settings, including the rounded claw, triangle-shaped claw, square claw, simple claw or double triangular claws. The four-prong setting is the most common because it is discreet, authentic, safe, attractive and allows a beautiful rendering.

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