• What are the different traditions in a wedding?
  • Can you create your own wedding traditions?
  • Can you do without wedding rings?

The wedding must be above all a special day for the bride and groom. A day they can organise according to their personal desires. There are rules, traditions and customs on which this great day is based, such as the tradition of the wedding ring.

For the wedding to be the day you've always dreamt of, you're allowed to skip some of these rules. So, what are these traditions and rules related to weddings? Which traditions could you ignore?

What are the different traditions in a wedding?

When you are preparing your wedding, you can be certain of hearing all sorts of advice on what you need to do for the big day. Matching wedding rings, wearing her mother's wedding dress, bridesmaids with dresses of the same colour, not seeing your future husband / wife on the day before the wedding ...

These are all wedding traditions that everyone might advise you to follow. However, as this is your special day, you have the right to do things the way you want. The main thing is to wear your wedding ring after the ceremony.

Can you create your own wedding traditions?

It is true that wedding traditions all have their basis in something. But this does not mean that you are obliged to follow them all. An alternative is to modernise some of these rules for a more original and personalised wedding.

If tradition dictates that you should eat traditional Louis XV onion soup of at the end of the evening, take inspiration from other, consult your caterer and be inspired by much more delicious recipes . And what about those famous candies to be offered to guests? You can discover a host of other gift ideas to thank your guests, like chocolates or bottles of essential oils.

Can you do without wedding rings?

While some wedding rules and traditions can be ignored, the choice of wedding rings undoubtedly remains an important tradition (read the article on jewellery to wear to a wedding).

Wedding rings are the only things you will wear every day after your wedding. Seek inspiration with examples of wedding rings offered by Jeweller BAUNAT.

While diamonds are the gemstone par excellence for wedding rings, you can also opt for ruby, emerald or sapphire. Experts at BAUNAT can also advise you on customised wedding rings.

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