We all know that wedding ceremonies have been taking place since the dawn of times. The duration of the ceremony, the whole organisation, the gifts, the guests, etc, all have varied throughout the centuries and from one culture to another, but one thing will always stay the same: the wish to celebrate the love of two people with family and friends.

There are many traditions that have gone through generations of people and even to date, with all the modern, colourful, glamorous and what-not trends of the millennials, there are a few old-school traditions that are still standing…

1. Engagement rings and the announcement

Today with all the social networks, one sometimes has this feeling that you hear the latest news regarding your closest friends and family through one of the many social media first.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep the tradition of reuniting with the family and spending time with your friends to announce the big news in person; and of course to flaunt the magnificent engagement ring that was given when making the very unique proposal!

After that though, you are more than welcome to take a picture of your engagement ring and announce to the whole online world that you’re getting married!

2. Paper invitations

We do know that it is not very environmentally friendly when the hosts send hundreds of invitations worldwide to invite their closest ones to their special day.

But we must admit that wedding invitations and newborn announcements are probably the favourite cards ever. They are so cheerful, colourful and so filled with love, that they instantly put you in the mood to have fun and to look forward to the big day of celebrations.

3. First dance

Don’t you believe that weddings are that one occasion where no-one will ever judge you for being overly romantic? In order for a wedding to be complete, we truly think that the dancing has to start with those 3-4 minutes where the bride and groom find each other in a little cocoon together.

Weddings can be overwhelming at times, as you spend your day walking from one guest to another and checking the last organisational details. That is why that first dance is one of those moments where you can reconnect with your new partner in life and saviour that special moment where its just “you & me”.

4. Thank you cards

Thanking the bridesmaids and groomsmen for all their support and work during the last months is very important, to show your appreciation for their friendship and for their presence on your big day. There are many gifts to choose from that vary from one couple to another.

For the bridesmaids - a small diamond pendant resembling the ones that was worn by the bride & that reminds you of the engagement ring.

For the groomsmen - going for a personalised pair of cufflinks could be an original idea that could make everyone happy.

From the engagement ring, to the wedding band, the wedding day jewellery and the gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, at BAUNAT you can find it all! Don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful team and they will be delighted to support you along the way.

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