The solitaire diamond is the ultimate symbol of engagement and love, it is the first step into the wedding world as it launches the festivities and the preparations towards the big day. Over the past decades, the solitaire diamond has been cleverly marketed as the must have for any proposal, thus becoming an integral part of the wedding traditions.

  • Where does the solitaire diamond ring come from?
  • Wedding traditions: solitaire diamonds

Where does the solitaire diamond ring come from?

The use of an engagement ring as a symbol of a relationship and connection between two people dates back to as early as the Romans and even earlier. Engagement rings were made of grass, various metals and gold for the wealthier. The first official information available of a diamond ring being given as an engagement ring is related to the Archduke Maximilian, in 1477, when he proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

The use of a solitaire diamond ring in particular came later. It is said that it slowly started in the 19th century, but it was set in stone when an extremely clever marketing campaign was launched in the US at the end of the 1930’s. Its slogan was “A Diamond is Forever” and that was it. Since then diamonds have been the symbol of purity and eternal love between the bride and groom and they have been at the heart of practically every single proposal worldwide.

Wedding traditions: solitaire diamonds

Traditions are part of every culture around the world. There are traditions in many different ways of living, from family related traditions, to traditions deeply linked to religion and spirituality.

Wedding traditions are an integral part of the myriad of cultures that exist on this planet and it is a real wonder to see all the differences but also all the similarities one can find in many of them. One similar tradition in particular is clearly the act of proposing to your beloved one with a solitaire diamond engagement ring because it is and remains the ultimate symbol of love.

Today, solitaire diamond rings are still as popular as they were in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Maybe even more so because they have not only become more affordable to everyone, but because you can also securely purchase a beautiful solitaire diamond ring directly online.

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