Ready for a new chapter in your life? Then you must be looking for an engagement ring which says it all. Remember, a good story comes in 3 parts: a beginning, middle and end. So how about a ring with 3 diamonds to begin your story together? Do you want your marriage proposal to have even greater meaning? Go for the symbolic meaning behind the trilogy engagement ring. 

  • What does a three stone trilogy engagement ring mean?
  • What does a three stone engagement ring look like?
  • Why does a ring with 3 diamonds not necessarily cost more?

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What Does a Ring With Three Diamonds Symbolise?

Looking for advice about a symbolic engagement ring? Choose an engagement ring with two diamonds or a ring with three diamonds, a trilogy engagement ring, where the three gemstones represent the trinity: mind, body and soul. The trinity was often represented as a spiral with three angles, or as a triangle. For the Mayan and Ancient Egyptian people, the link constituted between heaven and earth, or even between the people and the Gods. Others say we should look to time for the significance of the trilogy, where the three gemstones symbolise the past, the present and the future.
A Diamond Is Forever
There is a third symbolic meaning, which is possibly the most beautiful of all. Romantics regard a ring with three diamonds as a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty.

What Does a Trilogy Engagement Ring Look Like?

There are several ways to portray the symbolic meaning. Although many formats are available for the diamonds, we recommend you to go for a ring with 3 diamonds in a row. The round cut has the most splendid brilliance and so is still the most popular choice for engagement rings, and perfect for trilogy engagement rings. You can stipulate the diamond's carat weight. You could opt for a ring with 3 diamonds all the same size, but also for a larger centre stone flanked by 2 smaller ones.
If you would like to add extra colour, you could also replace the centre stone with a red ruby, blue sapphire or green emerald, as shown in this example. Simply beautiful! If you would prefer a centre diamond flanked by 2 other precious stones, go for a custom design. You could also opt for a centre stone, flanked by 2 smaller ones.

A Trilogy Engagement Ring Does Not Necessarily Cost More

The typical price for an engagement ring is a matter up for discussion. It is important to set a budget for yourself and to stick to it, rather than try to meet that typical price. A trilogy engagement ring with three diamonds means you can put a certain carat weight on her finger, without having to pay more. After all, the price of diamonds goes up exponentially as the carat weight goes up. So if you went for a trilogy engagement ring with one larger stone and two smaller ones, you could keep your budget perfectly under control.

In which case, go for a 1.50-carat diamond for the centre stone, with two 0.75-carat diamonds. Such a ring would cost less than a solitaire ring that has a single diamond of 3-carat.

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What Else Should I Know About Engagement Rings?

The moral of the story: a trilogy engagement ring is a highly romantic choice for her finger . But do you know which other designs could make her heart beat faster? Or what the average spend on an engagement ring is? And which finger should you put the engagement ring on, once your partner has said yes? You can read about that and much more in these blogs.

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