• The brilliant is still the most popular diamond shape.
  • Brilliant rings have a pure beauty and are gorgeous in every setting.
  • Did you still not find a beautiful diamond ring? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

Whoever thinks of diamonds, undoubtedly thinks of the beautiful round brilliant. This diamond shape is the most popular for decades. Rings with brilliants are marvelous in every possible setting, though there are some classic models that every woman should have in her jewellery box. Which ones? You’ll discover them here.

What is a brilliant?

Most people know what a brilliant is, but we would like to explain the details again, especially because many confuse a brilliant with a diamond. A brilliant is the name of a diamond shape, while a diamond is the stone itself. Briefly, a brilliant cut has 57 facets and is round shaped. Especially brilliant earrings catch a lot of light due to their movement which causes a magnificent sparkle, and white gold rings with a brilliant have been the most popular engagement ring for many years.

It is one of the oldest diamond shapes, which has still not lost its popularity. The brilliant is considered as the diamond with the most brilliance. It therefore reflects light in an irresistible way and has a pure beauty.

Diamond rings with brilliants: some tips

The classic diamond ring is the solitaire ring. This particular model is the most beautiful when set with a big round brilliant. It goes without saying that other models are also gorgeous with a round brilliant. Think of trilogy rings: three diamonds in a row. Doesn’t every woman want to wear this around her finger? Another model is the halo setting, whereby the central round brilliant is surrounded by small diamonds. Moreover, more ande more people opft for a wedding ring with brilliants instead of a classic smooth one.

Breathtakingly beautiful. If you rather like a unique ring with brilliants, you can opt for a tailor made model. We would love to help creating the design of your dreams.

Are you looking for a diamond ring? Then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our extensive collection of diamond rings. If you are interested in a specific model, or if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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